As of this writing, the latest announcement regarding Nancy Pelosi is that she will indeed be traveling to Taiwan tomorrow, despite China’s threats and major movement of military assets of both the Chinese and the United States, especially their navies.

In Episode 22-27 (Sunday and Monday, July31 & Aug 01), I discuss the newly developing conflict between Serbia and Kosovo, as well as the current China threat in response to Pelosi’s Asian tour and the latest announcement of her visiting Taiwan.  In Segment 3, Lady Liberty and I discuss Russia and it’s new propaganda campaign promoting the advantages of moving to Russia, and “Don’t delay… winter is coming!”

In Segment 2 I revisit the communications procedures and expectations, as well as resources, which were posted in February of 2022 as Russia began its invasion of Ukraine.  Those resources are posted below.  At that time, western leaders were calling for nations to join in defense of Ukraine, vowing not to allow the Russian invasion, and moving NATO forces to, and around, Europe.

Now we find ourselves in an equally precarious situation, if not more so, with the Chinese threats.  Unless someone reverses their course, there is a high probability of a collision. Be ready.


Episode 22-27 China-Taiwan, Serbia-Kosovo Assessments, and Comms Action Item Resources (Revisited)

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Episode 22-27 China-Taiwan, Serbia-Kosovo Assessments, and Comms Action Item Resources


Posted in early 2022, in anticipation of possible cyber attacks against western power and telecommunications infrastructure.

Please revisit these postings and resources:

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