Today is the longest day of the year, and Summer officially begins.  Many of you are suffering from extreme heat…. hang in there!  You’re in our prayers.

National Nets (and rolling regional nets) take place in the first and third weeks of the month.  June has five weeks this year, so that means a two week gap before the next regularly-scheduled National Net.

Still, there are plenty of training opportunities!

The Persistent Presence Net White Paper reflects ‘guidance’ for times of day.  Follow the band.  As the days are much longer, the 80m band may not be active until after dark, and so the 40m band might be much more favorable beyond the time listed in the white paper.  Don’t hesitate to switch bands to look for better propagation between you and other stations.

How do you know traffic you’ve received over the air is authentically from AmRRON National?  During grid-up, you can go to and refer to the  hash on the right sidebar.  To learn more about tamper detection CheckSum hashing, see the CheckSum White Paper.  It’s easy!

Stay safe, and God bless!