If you have read the Mobile Training Exercise 2022 – OPORDER, (either on the website, or received over the air by radio), we remind you that we are in a (simulated) grid down situation after receiving a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun.  This simulation included the disruption of the electrical power grids, telecommunications, and all services related to satellites (communications, navigation, imagery, etc.).

As the scenario is described, this could likely result in up to five-days of HF radio blackout conditions, when you cannot receive any communications beyond local VHF/UHF radio communications.   We are simulating that we are in that time period, as we patiently wait for the electromagnetic energy effects to gradually wear off.  By Saturday, we will begin to be able to make contact with others outside our immediate local areas.

If this were a real-world event, do not panic if you cannot reach anyone outside your area on HF radio for several days.  This is expected.  Take care of your family and community, and inspect your equipment, making it ready to go when the ionosphere settles down again.  Then, be prepared to report your STATUS so those in the network (including you) can gain situational awareness about the size, scope, and effects of the solar flare/CME.

Hopefully (while we are real-world grid UP) this week you are:

  • Testing your communications equipment
  • Getting on the air, especially receiving the most recent message over the air (20220508-1300Z-PPP-NATL.EX-002.k2s) as well as this week’s AIB
  • Topping off batteries
  • Ensuring that your software is up to date and working properly, to receive FLDIGI, FLMSG, FLAMP (including AmRRON Custom Forms), and transmitting/receiving in JS8Call
  • Ensuring you have all your hardware (antenna, stakes, cables, adapters, etc.).  Connect all of it this week and put out a signal to ensure you have everything you need when you go mobile in the exercise.

To get the AMRMTX Guidance and Instructions documents, and learn more about the exercise, go to the Mobile Training Exercise 2022 Posting.