The following Operations Order (OPORD) is in support of the upcoming scenario-based AmRRON Mobile Training Exercise 2022.

This will be passed along throughout the AmRRON Persistence Presence Net over the coming 24 to 48 hours, using the AmRRON Custom Form .k2s file.

Net Control Stations, please locate and retrieve the file labeled 20220508-1300Z-PPP-NATL.EX-002.k2s from the BB stations, other NCSs, or other stations on the Persistent Presence Net at your earliest opportunity.


MSG #: 20220508-PPP
DTG: 20220508-1300z
TO: QST AmRRON Operators
SUBJ: AMRMRX / Exercise traffic / OPORD


C1L Auth: BWO


The sunspot group EX3491 we have been observing produced a X-10 flare @ 20220508-1200Z. This flare will produce degradation of radio propagation over the next few hours but the X-10 flare was followed by a major plasma filament release (CME). This is a large mixed particle / plasma CME and will produce a full on impact in approximately 28 hours (20220509 -1600z). This CME is expected to produce major infrastructure damage. Major impacts are expected on electrical grid, telecommunications networks and satellites.
All AmRRON operators should prepare for imminent loss of grid and damage to communications infrastructure. Operators should prepare as follows prior to CME impact:
1. Disconnect from all grid electrical power sources.
2. Disconnect antenna feed lines from external antennas and ground the feed lines away from internal electronic devices / radios.
3. Unplug all internal electrical appliances from wall sockets.
4. Place sensitive electronic devices in Faraday boxes if available.
5. Store adequate food and water for minimum of 14 day outage of critical infrastructure.
***5 days post CME impact***
If Earth geomagnetic conditions permit, AmRRON will attempt to gather infrastructure damage intelligence in the form of PIR’s on 20220514-0945L per AMRMRX instructions to Command and Reporting stations.
1. All available AmRRON operators are encouraged to participate as “Reporting Stations”.
2. Command Stations should review AMRMRX operations plan and be ready to initiate operations no later than 20220514-0945L.
73 and GOD be with us.
DE Romeo Mike-08