You have a scanner or a cheap VHF/UHF ham radio, but what now?

How to know what to listen to and where do you find the right frequencies in and around your local community.


Databases (tab)  -> select Frequency Databases  –>  Search (by Zip Code)

ALSO, search STATEWIDE and FEDERAL frequencies in and around your state.  Keep them handy to stay informed.

Note the tabs at the top of RadioReference... County Home, Other Agencies, Amateur Radio…  Copy/paste into a document and print it.

Also, do this for the surrounding counties as well, or counties you may be traveling through, including a destination location.

(The Uniden Home Patrol scanner does this automatically, simply by entering your location’s zip code)


RepeaterBook is Amateur Radio’s most comprehensive, worldwide, FREE repeater directory.  

They now also support GMRS!


GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) has become very popular among prepper communities due to their no-test licensing, higher power outputs than FRS, the use of repeaters, and the relatively low cost.  The license also covers your entire family, instead of one single radio operator, like Amateur Radio.  Although GMRS has very limited range when compared to Amateur Radio, the increasing numbers of repeaters across the country make them a great non-ham alternative for families, networks, and like-minded communities.
One of the best resources is, which is completely dedicated to GMRS, covering licensing, education, resources, equipment, and networking.