Hurricane Watch Net is Now Active

Updated:  20210828-2115Z (16:15 Central)
The Net is Active on 14.325.00 MHz & 7.268.00 MHz

This is from the National Hurricane Watch Center, and is not an AmRRON net. 

Please keep the frequency clear. 

Hurricane Ida Projected to be Category 4

Update from 202128-1940Z (15:40 Central)

According to Accuweather Hurricane Tracker:
Currently: Hurricane Category 2, approximately 290 mi from The Mouth Of The Mississippi River

According to
The National Hurricane Center has issued a hurricane watch for the northern Gulf Coast in advance of what is forecast to be a strong strike from what will become Hurricane Ida Sunday into Monday.

The hurricane watch stretches from Cameron, Louisiana, to the Mississippi-Alabama state line. This watch includes the New Orleans metro area.

Hurricane watches are typically issued 48 hours in advance of when tropical storm-force winds are expected to arrive, since these conditions make it difficult to make preparations for a hurricane, once they begin.

In this case, tropical storm-force winds could arrive on the northern Gulf Coast as soon as Saturday night or Sunday morning.

AmRRON OPERATORS in the region are preparing to maintain a persistent presence beginning this (Saturday) evening, following the Persistent Presence Net schedule outlined in the SOI. AmRRON Corps, use the AmRRON Central Z-Net channel for coordination.


Hurricane Watch — Gulf Coast

Update from DTG: 20210827-0355

From Forward Observer Intelligence Service
HURRICANE SEASON: Tropical Storm Ida is expected to bring “life-threatening storm surge inundation” to Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama later this weekend. Hurricane force winds are expected to begin Sunday with landfall occurring early Monday morning. The National Hurricane Center says coastal areas and the Lower Mississippi Valley will experience considerable flash, urban, and riverine [sic] flooding. The mid-Atlantic areas of low pressure are not currently projected to impact the U.S.

AmRRON Natl:
We will continue monitoring and tracking this storm through the weekend.
Action items for radio operators:
-Top off fuel and batteries (in the expected impact areas)
-Ops check your equipment and review the Persistent Presence Net sched/freqs
-Stations in the region outside the impact areas, be prepared to monitor for emergency traffic and SITREPS/STATREPS from operators in the affected areas.

More guidance as the situation develops, as necessary.