Share your lessons learned and feedback from T-REX 2021!

If you participated (or attempted to participate) in AmRRON’s annual grid-down emergency
communications training exercise, let us know how it went.

We all grow when we share our experiences.  What worked, what didn’t, and what we learned.
Use list below as a guide to help you go through your After Action Report, and send them
to by Tuesday evening.

  1. What went well for you?
  2. What went bad/broke?  Why?  Were you able to fix/overcome it during the exercise?
  3. What was your high point or victory moment (proudest achievement)?
  4. High priority improvements you plan to make in the following areas:
    • Skills/Knowledge
    • Equipment
    • How you might operate differently in the future
  5. If T-Rex were going to be held next weekend, what would you change?
  6. What would you advise others to be sure they do/don’t do?
  7. What would you like to see differently for future T-REX or other training exercises?
  8. Message Traffic:
    • There were 22 pieces of official AmRRON traffic, designated by ‘TA-xxx’ followed by three numbers.
      • List the traffic by designated TA- numbers that you received.
      • Were you able to relay those on to others?
    • There were 6 pieces of official PrepperNet traffic, designated by ‘TP-xxx’ followed by numbers.
      • List the traffic designated TP- numbers that you received
      • Were you able to relay those on to others?
    • There were two official pictures/images that were supposed to accompany two of the messages.
      • What images did you see being passed over the nets?  (Send them in if you would!)
    • List any IES (Initial Event Summary) or AIB (AmRRON Intelligence Brief) or other AmRRON traffic you received:
  9. Any other observations or comments on the exercise not listed above:

Looking forward to hearing from you soon — the sooner, the better, while your memory is still fresh.

AmRRON Corps operators will be discussing this as a ‘hot wash’ After Action Review discussion on the
Z-NET ‘Breakout Channel’ this coming Wednesday evening.