The crisis in Cuba continues as the communist regime is reportedly arresting those deemed dangerous to the state, and include reports of executions of anti-communists identified as “leaders” or “instigators.”

In the United States, Cuban-born Alex Valladares (W7HU) continues to lead the way in raising awareness and maintaining a presence on the air using Amateur Radio. Alex has worked to maintain a link to ham operators in Cuba who are trying to get information out in the midst of a government internet blackout.

Alex was interviewed by Breitbart this week:

Cubans Used Homemade Radios to Avoid the Internet Shutdown. Now They Are Being Jammed Too

Communist Cuba has engaged in a massive campaign of radio jamming this week in response to protesting Cuban citizens taking to the airwaves – often with homemade radios – to get news in and out of the country after the regime turned off the internet.


An Amateur Radio Special Event has been set up, to include a special event callsign, ‘W4C’  (Whiskey Four Cuba) for Amateur Radio operators to make contact. 

As of this writing, the frequencies being used are 14.290 USB and 14. 315 USB (Voice on both), but are being heavily jammed by the Cuban government.

Last week they were transmitting on 7.180 LSB from Florida.

We will continue to bring updates as they become available.