We have a lot of new members who are asking what equipment is most recommended by the seasoned radio operators.

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In this survey, we asked three questions of AmRRON operators:

1.  What primary HF transceiver (rig) do you use?  (Make and Model)

2.  If you have a secondary (or backup) HF rig, what make and model?

3.  Rate the importance of HF communications in emergencies (opinion poll)

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27 Apr by John Jacob Schmidt
We often hear new radio operators ask, “what *HF rig should I get?” or “What is the best HF Transceiver to buy?”
In this weekly AmRRON Survey, we’re asking our members what their primary and secondary (backup) HF rig they use.*HF stands for ‘High Frequency’, also known as shortwave. This is where a lot of regional and national communications takes place. One must be a licensed Ham to transmit on the HF bands. However, one does not need to be licensed to RECEIVE communications over HF bands.

Survey results will be posted at AmRRON.com on Monday, May 3rd.

What is your primary High Frequency (HF) transceiver? (Make & Model)