This is the first exercise of 2021, and is a fun way to practice sending information with as little power as possible.

Date: Saturday, January 2, 2021, 1500-1900 Zulu

Overview: This exercise simulates a National Signals Center (SigCen Nat) attempting to fill an intelligence void
by having remote stations report a Priority Intelligence Requirement (PIR) within their area of operations (AO)
while keeping as low an RF footprint as possible.

Scenario: SigCen NAT has had several unconfirmed reports of Organized Criminal Gangs (OCG) using RF
directional equipment to locate HAM operators and steal their equipment. SigCen Nat wants to verify these
reports and understand if it is a wide spread issue or just regional. Sigcen NAT has one or more Listening Posts
(LP) within each time zone quietly monitoring the frequency and collecting reports.

Challenge: AmRRON stations would like to report, but they also want to keep a very low profile — aka stealth
mode– using the minimum possible transmission power (QRP) and fewest transmissions to get their PIR through.
PIR(s) for this exercise:

1. What is the level of Organized Criminal Gang (OCG) activity in your AO that is targeting Ham stations —
(G)reen, (Y)ellow, (R)ed, or (U)nknown?
Exercise Focus: JS8Call program, group message, mapping and stealth operation.




Download the Exercise Guidance PDF