Covid-19 PIRs have been issued.  The following PIR is the text portion of the AmRRON
Custom Form (.k2s file) which is now making its way across the network over the airwaves.

This is a superb opportunity to train within a real-world situation. Skills include:
– Use of AmRRON S.O.I. V4
– Development of SITREP using the AmRRON Custom Forms
– File naming protocol
– Transmitting over the air using the AmRRON Persistent Presence Net to make contact with
others on the air right now.
– Contact NCS stations or Backbone stations on the air and they’ll get your SITREP to the
right place. You can identify them by a /N or a /B after their callsign on the air using
digital modes.
– Use of various methods and modes — (fldigi, flmsg, flamp, gARIM, FSQ)
If you’re only comfortable using fldigi, that’s fine! If you’d like to practice using
any of the others, we strongly encourage that too!


Objective: Focus the information/intelligence reporting and analysis efforts of
AmRRON operators, the SIGCENs, and AmRRON National, by prioritizing raw report and
intelligence information.

This set of PIRs will aid in our overall understanding of the scope of Covid-19
related controls and restrictions across the United States. Reference AmRRON
SITREP-004, released today.

PIR #1 – Update your Restrictions and Closures Information. Refer to the AmRRON
Restrictions & closures map linked below. If no changes, please do not send SITREP.
Provide future SITREPs based on the PIRs below ONLY if there are changes to your

Report A, B, or C if the status where you are has been upgraded to:
B – Non-Essential Business Closures
C – No Large Public Gatherings

Report 1, 2, or 3 if the order was issued at the following level:
1 – State (Abbreviation of your state)
2 – County (Name of County)
3 – City (Name of city)

PIR #2 – Level of enforcement which you have witnessed or confirmed from witnesses
related to non compliance with restriction/closure orders
A – Unaware of any enforcement measures
B – Friendly and simply educating the public of restrictions
C – Citations for violations and releasing
D – Detention/Arrests for violations of restrictions
E – Forced detention and quarantine of suspected Cv19 Infected personnel

PIR #3 Entity/Agency/Personnel conducting enforcement (Rate 1-7 and explain)
1 – None or Unknown
2 – Citizens reporting non compliance via witness hot lines, 311, etc.
3 – Non law enforcement government personnel, bureaucracies, etc.
4 – City or County law enforcement
4 – State police/patrol
5 – Federal agency/entity
6 – State Guard/National Guard
7 – Other

PIR #4 – Methods of control/enforcement
Have you encountered or received witness accounts of manned control points or
vehicle checkpoints where they normally do not exist?

PIR #5 – Have your travel routes been blocked or rerouted by direct or indirect
enforcement of travel restrictions? If so, fill out a separate SITREP (who, what,
where, when, why, how, how many?)

AmRRON National SITREP-004 Nationwide Restrictions & Closures

For more information about PIRs, refer to your Signals Operating Instructions,
Section 10.4 (P.94)