Please be sure to keep our President and his administration in your prayers as he is undoubtedly under intense pressure to make some serious decision.

From AlertsUSA:
President Trump to hold press briefing at 3:00PM EASTERN. Multiple media outlets reporting POTUS will declare national emergency.

From JJS: I have received ‘back channel’ chatter from multiple independent sources stating that a nationwide quarantine (social distancing and travel restrictions) is being discussed in various places within the federal government.


AmRRON Action Items:
1. If you are traveling, be sure to get to your final safe destination as soon as is practical. Preferably, get HOME.

2. If travel restrictions are implemented, expect:
A. To prove residency for the place you are trying to travel to.
B. Expect control points (checkpoints), where documentation may be required at city limits, county lines, state borders, and even portions of larger metropolitan areas.
C. Company/Agency letterhead showing that you are traveling as a necessity for work/business/etc.

3. Be prepared to be self-reliant and without need of resupply of basic goods for up to a minimum of 60 days.

4. Continue monitoring for additional instructions, such as intelligence reporting guidance. PIRs (Priority Intelligence Requirements) will likely be issued for AmRRON operators withing the next 24 hours.

5. Review SITREP guidance and forms in the Signals Operating Instructions. Prepare one based on the current situation as practice.

6.  Begin preparing (or updating) your Area Study.  If you are not familiar with an Area Study, it is an essential part of your preparedness intelligence effort.  You can learn more by going to Forward Observer.  Below is a video on the subject, recently put out by Sam Culper, and which I highly recommend watching.


Stay safe. Stay tuned.