Here’s a brief rundown of how folks who are interested can participate in the Veri-Code
Project, and an overview of the process.

If you haven’t done so already, familiarize yourself with the article linked below,
titled ‘AIB Veri-Code: Layered Training with Rewards’.  Don’t skip it.
If you ask questions which are answered in the posting linked below, we’ll know!

AIB ‘Veri-Code’: Layered Training with Rewards

The Process:

  1. Through February 2020, we will distribute a new AIB VeriCode on the same weeks as
    the scheduled National Net weeks.  Beginning March 2020 we plan to post a new Journal
    entry each week.
  2. Each Partisan Operator Journal entry will be posted at approximately Noon (Pacific)
    on Mondays, on the Partisan Operator Journal page.  But you won’t be able to read it without
    the Vericode, included in Tuesday’s AIB, and the Supplemental VeriCode, available only during
    scheduled AmRRON Nets from Net Control.
  3. Since there are scheduled AmRRON Nets on Mondays and Tuesdays, the Supplemental
    VeriCode will be available to NCSs beginning Monday, by coordinating with the Backbone stations
    via the Persistent Presence Net, using:

      1. gARIM, or;
      2. FLMSG (using FSQ)  – NCSs, should coordinate with the BB stations
  4. NCSs are responsible for seeking out and acquiring the Supplemental VeriCode as
    part of their preparation for their upcoming scheduled net(s).
  5. NCSs are responsible for disseminating the Net Word of the Week, the
    weekly AIB, and the AIB Supplemental VeriCode during each of their nets.
    This is official AmRRON traffic.

Q & A:

  1.  Q:  What if Net Control doesn’t put out the NWOTW, weekly AIB, or Supplemental VeriCode?
    A:  Then simply request it from them
  2. Q:  What if NCS doesn’t have the NWOTW, the AIB, or Supplemental VeriCode?
    A: Then NCS should query the net to determine if one of the operators in his net acquired
    the traffic from a previous net.  Those stations can send the traffic to NCS for
    distribution to the net.
  3. Q:  What if I’m not available during scheduled net times?
    A:  Leave your station and fldigi (and flamp/flmsg) programs open and running while you’re away.
    This is a common practice and it’s rewarding and exciting to come back into the shack to find
    traffic your station received while you were away.
  4. Q:  What if I do all that and still don’t get the AIB or Supplemental VeriCode?
    A:  That’s the nature of radio and happens even in real-world emergency communications.
    Keep trying to check in to other scheduled AmRRON nets throughout the week.  If you miss one,
    there will be a new Journal entry on the next go around.