PIRs (Priority Intelligence Requirements)

As with previous events which carry the potential for unrest, AmRRON operators are
watching the controversial 2nd Amendment Rally in Richmond, VA very closely.  Tens
of thousands of patriots are expected to show up to stand against the Democrat-
majority legislature and the Governor and their agenda to strip Virginians of many
rights enumerated in the Constitutions of the State of Virginia and the United States.

The planned pro-constitution rally has resulted in the Governor declaring a ‘State
of Emergency’ and declaring the majority of the Capitol campus a ‘gun free zone’.
This has angered citizens, rights groups, government officials, and law enforcement
heads who believe the government has a duty to defend those rights, not strip
citizens of them.

AmRRON operators will be monitoring the situation from on the ground, the surrounding
area, and across the country.  Like previous events, we have issued PIRs (Priority
Intelligence Requirements).   As a Civil Defense emergency radio network, this is a
good opportunity to practice observing and reporting an event which has the potential
for unrest.  This could include actions resulting from provocateurs who might wish to
escalate the situation in order to create violent unrest.

Below are the PIRs which have been issued to provide guidance for operators in and
around the area, for reporting activity that could adversely impact communications or
civil peace and stability.

Primary methods of reporting:

  1. AmRRON Corps:  Z-Net Main Channel
  2. Email:  info@AmRRON.com
  3. The Submit a SITREP button on the website, or directly by going to:


PIRs for AmRRON Ops – Richmond, Virginia 2A Rally

PIR 1: Communications. Reports of loss of conventional communications
infrastructure, specifically intentional disruptions (if known). Note all known causes
from direct observation or first-hand reports. Methods and means of communications, denial
of communications, or SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) activities.

PIR 2:  Violent actions by any group, including suspected provocateurs
or terror activity.

PIR 3:  Restrictions of movement or activities, or forced relocations
and arrests, especially if specific groups or persons appear to be targeted. Note restricted
areas, routes or bridges blocked, control points and check points, designated areas for
specific activities, activities restricted.

PIR 4:  Significant party involvement. Government, non-government, advocate
groups and personalities, organizations, etc. Indicate Left and right wing groups present and
any relevant information related to their presence and/or activities. Reports of PIR (Priority
Intelligence Requirements) items should be based on direct observation or first-hand witness
accounts. Reports should be confirmed. Disinformation and sensationalism could be used as a
deliberate means of influencing, provoking, or agitating involved parties.