There are changes to regularly-scheduled AmRRON Nets for 2020.  Be sure to note them and update your comms reference material.

Be sure to visit the Scheduled Nets page at

Here are the highlighted changes for REGULARLY-SCHEDULED PRACTICE NETS:

1st & 3rd Wednesday (except January 2020)

  1.  20m HF Voice Nets:  CHANGE frequency to 14.338 (previously 14.342)
  2.  20m  HF Digital Nets:  No Change
  3.  40m HF Voice Nets:  CHANGE frequency to 7.238 (previously 7.242);  *CHANGE time (see below)
  4.  40m HF Digital Nets:  *CHANGE time (see below)

*Beginning January 22nd, 40m National Nets will be shifted back a half hour, to begin at 0100 Zulu,
with digital net beginning 0130 Zulu.

Beginning January 2020, all rolling 80m nets are listed in LOCAL TIME

  • 30-minute VOICE net at 2000hrs Local
  • 1-hr DIGITAL net at 2030hrs Local (beginning with Contestia 4/250 mode)

Be sure to turn off JS8 Heartbeats, FSQ Sounders, and gARIM Beacons during scheduled net times.