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Beginning January 22nd, 2020, we will include part of
a password in the bottom of the weekly AmRRON Intelligence
Brief.  This is part of the ‘Veri-Code’ project.  When
combined with the second part of the Veri-Code, available
ONLY during scheduled nets, it provides the password
to unlock an encrypted block of text posted to the Partisan
Operator Journal Page each week, which will
reveal a weekly Partisan Operator Journal.

Summary up front:

A.  Get the AIB over the air each week and note the Veri-Code at the bottom.
B.  Get the Supplemental Veri-Code separately, available only during AmRRON Scheduled Nets
C.  Combine the Veri-Code with the Supplemental Veri-Code to make the password.
D.  Go to the ‘Partisan Operator Journal’ page and locate the encrypted weekly Partisan Journal entry.
E.  In your PTE text encryption/decryption app, enter the password and Copy/Paste the encrypted Partisan Journal text into the ‘Encrypted text’ field, and click ‘Decrypt’.
F.  Enjoy a weekly Partisan Operator journal entry for FREE, available only by participating on the air in AmRRON nets.


The Partisan Operator Journals are a collection of fictitious
short stories, referred to as ‘journal entries’, covering a wide range of
scenarios where communications are being used in austere conditions.
Scenarios will vary widely, following characters from beginner level
families with shortwave radio receivers, to partisans supporting the
resistance using tradecraft, unconventional communications, and other
various tactics, techniques, and procedures.
A new journal entry consisting of approximately 1000 words will be
posted each week as encrypted text at

The Objective:
Generate interest and increase participation in the AmRRON Scheduled nets for
both NCSs and participating operators, by acquiring two pieces of information
available only over the air, distributed from two different sources (AIB
Distribution Schedule and the Regularly-scheduled AmRRON nets).
Additional objectives include familiarization and use of encryption tools
OFF the air, and the reward of gaining access to exclusive messages posted on
the website.

The Concept:
The AIB will provide one piece of information (a ‘Veri-Code’) which must be
combined with another piece of information (a Supplemental Veri-Code)
available ONLY during scheduled nets.

The second piece of information — Supplemental Veri-Code — may ONLY be passed
by NCS, ANCS, and Relays during the scheduled AmRRON net time slots.
When combined, the two pieces of information will unlock an encrypted message
posted on the website each week.

Instructions for participating in the Veri-Code weekly exercises

1. Locate the four-number Veri-Code at the bottom of the weekly AIB.
2. Receive the four-letter ‘Supplemental Veri-Code’, only available from Net
Control, or the Assistant Net Control Station, or a relay station and only
during regularly-scheduled AmRRON nets. (It’s an honor system)
3. Combine the four numbers and four letters. This combination of letters and
numbers is a password.

4. Open up PTE (Paranoia Text Encryption) and enter the password in the
password field. PTE is a cross-platform text encryption program.
5. Go the Partisan
and copy the encrypted text into the PTE encrypted text field.
6. Hit ‘Decrypt’ button. This will reveal the weekly Partisan Operator Journal
entry. Enjoy!
7. A new encrypted Partisan Operator Journal entry will be posted each week.

TO READ MORE, Visit the AIB Veri-Code Project Page HERE

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