JS8Call is a digital mode software Program which AmRRON operators

have been testing and using for the past year.  It will be included in the Signals Operating Instructions (SOI) Version 4 (Release target date, January 1st, 2020)

The mode is used for the following:

1. Short texts to groups (@AMRRON) and individuals

2. Determining which other stations are on frequency, and which stations each of those can copy.

3. Determining path quality between your station and others.

4. Relaying messages through other stations.

5.  And more!  The videos below are extremely helpful for learning the various features, including downloading and setting up the free software.

NOTE:  Be sure to beacon only between 1850 and 2300 on the waterfall.  Turn off Heartbeat and Auto during scheduled nets.


JS8Call 2.0 (Video Produced 22 October 2019) – MOST RECENT as of this posting




JS8Call – The Basics (Feb 2019)


JS8Call Hidden Gems:


JS8Call – Set Time When Offgrid:


Send Text Messages with JS8Call: