Message from Eastern SigCen Operations 20190906-2030Z:
During the past hour, an elevated Weatherflow station at Jannette Pier, North Carolina, recently reported sustained winds of 83 mph (133 km/h) and a wind gust of 98 mph (157 km/h). This is the last regularly scheduled Tropical Cyclone Update for Dorian. An intermediate advisory will be issued at 2 pm EDT, followed by the next complete advisory at 5 pm EDT.

AmRRON Ops & Eastern SigCen Operations will deactivate at 2200Z/1800EDT. The Operations was in Emergency Activation for an est. of 144 hours with help from within the CSRA Team/Piedmont Triad Team and many other AmRRON Operators came together as a team to assist at least 4 families with “Health/Welfare” updates. THANKS From US! The Eastern AmRRON Corps ZNET and standard AmRRON SOI Frequencies will be returned back to normal operations. THANKS for everyone’s help! GOD BLESS! -Foxtrot Quebec 01

CURRENT AmCON Level: **AmRRON Communications Condition Level:2
AmRRON Communications Condition Level: 5 @ 2200 Zulu

>National Hurricane Center
>Hurricane Dorian Public Advisory
>Regional Event Communications Guidance PDF
>Current AmCON Level Instructions



Via AmRRON Team App Alert

Hurricane Dorian Zello Channel-
EMERGENCY TRAFFIC ONLY at THIS TIME  (if 911 services not available)

6 Sept Hurricane Dorian makes landfall in NC
>> Prayers!
5 Sept Hurricane Dorian Battering South Carolina, North Carolina
5 Sept Tornadoes hit Carolinas as Hurricane Dorian floods Charleston
4 Sept Power outages SC: Customers Tracked
4 Sept Dorian Brushes Florida; Serious Impacts Ahead for the Carolinas
4 Sept Dramatic new before and after aerial photos show how parts of the Bahamas
3 Sept Category 2 Hurricane Dorian Headed Towards the Southeast U.S. After Pounding The Bahamas
3 Sept Aerial Images of Devastation in the Bahamas
2 Sept Hurricane Dorian kills at least 5 in the Bahamas; US coastline braces for impact
2 Sept Most coastal highway/freeway reversed east of I-95 to facilitate evacuations.
1 Sept Historic Hurricane Dorian ‘catastrophic’ northern Bahamas, hitting Abaco hard!
1 Sept VIDEO Local 10’s Jenise Fernandez reports live from the eye of Hurricane Dorian
1 Sept  VIDEO Hurricane Dorian makes landfall in the Bahamas as dangerous Category 5 storm
1 Sept  Category 5 Hurricane Dorian batters Bahamas with historic strike
1 Sept  Dorian strikes Bahamas with record fury as Category 5 storm
1 Sept  Palm Beach & Martin Counties (FL) order mandatory evacuations
1 Sept  Dorian Strengthens Into a Cat 5, Catastrophic Strike in NW Bahamas Nears
31 Aug Uncertainty Widens for Southeast Impacts from Extremely Dangerous Dorian
31 Aug Evacuations begin as Dorian bears down on northern Bahamas
30 Aug Dangerous Hurricane Dorian Slowly Intensifying
30 Aug Hurricane puts 10 million in the crosshairs in Florida
30 Aug Hurricane Dorian strengthens to Category 3, forecast to strike Florida as Category 4
30 Aug Hurricane Dorian intensifies as it heads for US
29 Aug State of emergency for 12 South Georgia counties ahead of Hurricane Dorian
29 Aug FL Gov. Ron DeSantis expands state of emergency to include all 67 counties
28 Aug Florida Governor Declares State Of Emergency As Hurricane Dorian Gains Force

CURRENT AmCON Level: **AmRRON Communications Condition Level: 2

Operators in the affected area, test power supplies and fuel, charge batteries, and test communications gear and software. Recommend making on-air contacts and determine paths and signal strengths between you and other operators.

Operators outside the impacted area, be prepared to provide regional support to those inside the impact areas. Follow same instructions as above.

>> Regional Event Communications Guidance PDF

Until further notice, use Persistent Net protocols:
ZULU time Band/Freq.
20:00 – 22:00 20M 14.110
22:00 – 02:00 40M 7.110
02:00 – 16:00 80M 3.588
16:00 – 20:00 40M 7.110

WHITE PAPER – Digital Mode Waterfall Designation
The Hurricane Watch Net has been activated on the following frequencies:
20m Voice: 14.325.00 MHz USB
40m Voice: 7.268.00 MHz LSB
For more information, go to:

Weather Underground