UPDATE:  NEW V1.1 Released Friday, July 19th, 2019

Changes include corrections on Page 5 and 10.  You can print just those pages and insert them into your existing printed T-Rex S.O.I.


The T-19 SOI has been released: T-19 S.O.I. V1.1 (Companion to AmRRON S.O.I. V.3 SOI) PDF

This is a companion to the Full Version Communications SOI.V3

T-REX 2019 NEWS PAGE has been added to the side bar of AMRRON.COM. Be sure to bookmark this page since it will be updated with exercise information up until we go GRID DOWN- as part of TREX 2019 training exercise.

Thank you to all of the operators out there testing gear and getting ready for T-REX 2019. 73!