Greetings AmRRON and AmRRON Corps members!

The question came up this week from a couple of AmRRON Corps operators
who asked for clarification after being approached by AmRRON (non Corps)
members.  The question asked was "do we HAVE to be AmRRON Corps members
to deploy with a *SIGCEN?"

The short answer is "YES." 

The long answer is "AFFIRMATIVE."

*A 'SIGCEN' is a Signals Center consisting of a team of AmRRON Corps 
operators who deploy and work together to perform several communications 
and intelligence functions in support of AmRRON Network operations. 

The explanation is below:

1. The solicitation and invitation to form and operate SIGCENs was
emailed exclusively to AmRRON Corps operators.  The very first bulleted
item in the list of requirements clearly states "Current AmRRON Corps
operators only." 

2. There are many benefits to taking the step from AmRRON to AmRRON
Corps (online Forum, Corps website, the nationwide Z-Net access, just to
name a few).  These all provide for mentoring, camaraderie, relationship
building, and an environment where individual and team skills accelerate
with astounding effect.  This has created the finest network of
like-minded patriot communicators in the world. 

ANOTHER benefit to joining AmRRON Corps are the additional training and
operational opportunities (such as HF NCS operations, SIGCEN operations,
and Backbone operations) which provide an environment for more
challenging, complex, and advanced emergency communications operations. 

3.  AmRRON Corps requirements for HF NCS, Backbone Ops, or SIGCEN (aka
Tier 4, 5, and 6) ops is NOT about a 'cool kids club' and it's not about
hierarchical snobbery.  It's not about $40 membership dues.  It's about
dedication and commitment.   Those who have paid dues have taken a
tangible step.  They have 'invested'.  They have 'skin in the game'. 
They are also in the highest probability category of participating,
contributing, growing in their skills, improving their stations,
understanding and supporting the AmRRON Mission Statement, and most
importantly, being counted on to participate on the air.

4.  AmRRON Corps operators, when they join, agree to follow the Mission
Statement and the AmRRON Corps Guiding Principles.  They are committed
to that.  If someone has not joined AmRRON Corps they simply have not
made that commitment to themselves or to other AmRRON Corps operators
yet.  If after joining, an AmRRON Corps operator reads the Mission
Statement and Guiding Principles and feels he/she cannot adhere to them,
they are free to bow out and their membership dues will be fully
refunded.  No hard feelings.  We have never had one withdraw his AmRRON
Corps membership right after joining.  

5.  Since AmRRON Corps was launched in 2015, we have consistently
observed that nearly all participants in AmRRON HF nets are AmRRON
Corps.  Regular AmRRON members are rarely ever on the air.  Those who
are regular AmRRON members who DO participate in nationwide and regional
HF nets, nearly always soon join AmRRON Corps.

6.  There are no provisions for allowing non Corps members to
participate in Tier 4, 5, or 6 ops so they can "see what it's all about
so they can make an informed decision about joining Corps."   That would
be unfair to those who are participating who have made an investment and
commitment to Corps.  The AmRRON Corps members in a SIGCEN deserve to
know that the operator on his right and left are as equally committed to
the mission.  We owe that much to them.

7.  Technician Class Operators sometimes feel they're not ready for
Corps because they can't yet operate on HF.  The truth is that there are
MANY Technician class operators in Corps.  It is also our experience
that Technicians who join Corps advance quickly to General class and HF
operations, at a much more accelerated pace than Technicians who wait. 
The support structure and mentors who routinely help new AmRRON Corps
members along is one of the things that make it one of the best (if not
THE best) emergency communications networks in the world.

Below is the list of requirements sent out to AmRRON Corps as the 
announcement and invitation to begin identifying the T-Rex 2019 SIGCENs:

Deploying SIGCENs must meet the following requirements:

    – Current AmRRON Corps operators only

– PGP/GPG Encryption email capability (for pre-operational planning

and coordination)

– Minimum two General Class Amateur Radio operators, or higher, per


– HF Digital capable, and proficient in the use of




FLDIGI (to include FLMSG, FLAMP)

NOTE:  We may use Winlink Express in some instances, but guidance

        will be given on the protocols for using it prior to T-19.  

    – SIGCEN must be off-grid capable (alternative power) and capable of  persistent 

      nets (continuous on-air presence)  

    – General Class operators must be willing and proficient in NCS duties

*gARIM not mandatory this year, but it is strongly recommended


God bless, and 73!  I look forward to seeing you on the air soon!