Statement of Purpose: Provide understanding of the AIB as a training tool to provide opportunities for

handling real-world intelligence information for network-wide distribution among AmRRON radio

operators on a scheduled and consistent basis.

1.The AmRRON Intelligence Brief (AIB, or ‘Intel Brief’) is a weekly (every Tuesday) distribution of

real-world intelligence compiled from reports produced by Alerts USA Threat Journal and Forward

Observer National Intelligence Daily Report and/or Forward Observer Early Warning report.

2.The AIB will be initiated by AmRRON National on a weekly basis, as shown in Figure 1, and will

be sent as an FLMSG (.k2s) file. It is intended to be received by any available AmRRON operator. Prior

to, or during the nets following the release of each AIB, it should be relayed to Net Control Stations who

do not have it so they may distribute the AIB to their net.

Figure 1


3.The AIB must be distributed and received over radio or by courier. Digital modes are strongly recommended,

especially those using FEC (Forward Error Correction) modes, such as FLAMP, WINMOR, gARIM, etc.

If using Winlink, the message must be sent and received via radio (No TELNET — this is an honor system).

4.Each weekly AIB will begin as an FLMSG .k2s file and should be between 1.5 and 2k bytes in size.

5.For the ambitious operators, each AIB .k2s file will be ‘hashed’ using a CheckSum program. This hash will also

be sent out by AmRRON National in a .txt file over FLAMP immediately following the FLAMP transmission

of the AmRRON Intel Brief.


This creates a unique file ID (fingerprint) of the file which allows you to authenticate that the file you’ve received

is not corrupted or altered and is precisely the same file that was transmitted from AmRRON National.

Q. How can I get the AmRRON Intel Brief if I’m working at the time National transmits it?
A. There are plenty of retired or self-employed operators who will be on the air to get it. You won’t miss out.

They will be working to get the AIB distributed across the country among themselves so there will be numerous

stations with the AIB to hand off to the NCSs prior to (or during) the next net. Just be sure to tune in to the next nets and get it then.

Q.Wouldn’t it be helpful to us if it were also transmitted in the evening so more of us could get it?
A. Absolutely! Thank you for volunteering. If you’re an AmRRON Corps operator, let’s coordinate on the Z-Net.

Q.When does this start?
A.The first ‘official’ AmRRON Intel Brief is already out there being disseminated across the network. You should

see it on the AmRRON rolling nets on 07 March 2019.




AmRRON Intelligence Brief - White Paper

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