Thank you, Julian oh8stn for this video explaining using JS8Call for emergency communications.

Hello Operators In this video we discuss #JS8Call Messaging for reliable NVIS Communications on 80 meters. JS8Call has a variety of messaging functionalities built in. Message store and forward, message relays, … all disgned to work stand-alone, or through the JS8Call MESH network. JS8 is a narrow bandwidth weak signal mode, working extremely well for NVIS ( Near Vertical Incidence Skywave ), and an asset to emergency communications and preparedness. In this video, three stations all within #NVIS range of one another, demonstrate the Messaging capabilities of JS8Call, on 80 meters amateur radio band, using NVIS. My NVIS antenna was set up horizontally, three meters or 11 feet above the ground. it is a 133 foot or 40 meter end red random wire antenna. For this test, no counterpoise or reflector was use. 73 julian oh8stn