Exercise Objectives (contest outline) :
1. Increase effectiveness / accuracy of OTP decode. Introduce mixed character / number sets.
>See exercise OTP decode pdf here
2. Introduce geolocation using USNG (United States National Grid) map.
3. Introduce and explore the usefulness of ARIM in message transfer.
4. Introduce standardized naming conventions and formatting for formal message traffic.
5. Encourage message relay by HF radio and analyze propagation pathways.

Duration of the exercise – 14 days (20190103 – 20190171)
Analysis of objective completion:
21 stations from all AmRRON divisions participated.
23 original messages were transferred to the end destination.
50 message relays were completed. Several messages were relayed 3 – 4 times prior to arriving at the end destination.

All stations participating in the HF radio component successfully decoded the OTP and correctly identified the alphanumeric USNG coordinates as Indianapolis, IN.
19 messages arrived at the end destination by use of ARIM relay.
3 messages arrived at the end destination by use of FLmsg.
1 message arrived at the end destination by use of FLamp.

All HF operators showed proficiency in decoding alphanumeric coordinates from the OTP exercise and in using the USNG to identify a specific landmark using those coordinates.

All HF operators were cooperative in message relay and showed proficiency in using ARIM to transfer message traffic.
ARIM shows very good possibilities as a message store and retrieve network. ARIM offered the possibility of unattended station operation in receiving and storing message traffic for later transfer to other relay stations and to the destination station. During the exercise several new attributes of ARIM were discovered.

1. It is desirable to establish a possession pathway between origination and destination station during HF radio transfer. This establishes a possible return pathway and chain of possession during the entire process.
2. ARIM allows for the editing of formatted message traffic to add a date:time group and operator callsign appended to the message making the chain of possession very easy.
3. It is possible to link FLmsg and FLamp message traffic into the ARIM folders so that message traffic arriving by either FLmsg or FLamp is instantly accessible in a linked ARIM folder. This has multiple application possibilities for transfer of local / regional FLmsg / FLamp traffic into a stored file system that can be retrieved by other ARIM stations at a later date for transfer across the network.

There were some minor deficiencies in message formatting and date:time groups at the beginning of the exercise but these improved considerably toward the end of the exercise. It is imperative that AmRRON develop and use a standardized message storage convention for ARIM to reduce “on air” time searching for messages in the file folders. It is also necessary to use a standardized naming convention for files. Fortunately, FLmsg and FLamp have an automated file naming process that is easily adapted for our use and I would suggest that we all edit our FLmsg / FLamp configuration to take advantage of this. It makes locating files within a folder much easier and reduces “on air” time.

The exercise was a valuable tool for sharpening our skillset and reinforces the concept that we practice and train to a performance standard and then perform the way we practice.

I hope you all enjoyed the exercise and that it was of value to you. I look forward to your feedback and comments so that we may continue to provide a skilled communication network.

Thank You! Romeo Mike – 08

Thank you, Romeo Mike-08 for putting this exercise together and all the operators that participated! Some great training took place during this exercise!

Contest Prizes/Winners
Radio operators. The highest (2) scores win (1) Diymall Vk-172 G-mouse USB GPS dongle.
Congrats! Papa Romeo Whiskey & Tango Kilo-05!

Non Radio operators. (1) A winner will be drawn from the properly formatted entries and will receive (1) Diymall Vk-172 G-mouse USB GPS dongle. We received 4 contest entries via email.
Congrats! Bravo Tango-11!