Are you ready for Winter Field Day? Ham Radio Operator, oh8stn has some great tips in the video below!

Hello Operators,
Extreme weather and grid down disasters seem to be happening more often, and with greater intensity. More often than not, when we organize off grid emergency communications training with our portable radio go kits, it usually takes place in fair weather conditions. What about training for a winter snow storms, the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado, ..? Training in fair weather is an easy way to become overconfident about our actual level of communications preparedness.

Enter the Winter Field Day Association. Each year the Winter Field Day Association puts on a Ham Radio event called “Winter Field Day”. The event is designed to motivate amateur radio operators to get out in the field, in conditions which are less than ideal.

This video is my take on how we can use Winter Field day, to develop or enhance our communications skills, in conditions most operators shy away from. 73 julian oh8stn


Emergency Grid Down Communications Winter Field Day

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