Check out this great webinar replay from PrepperNet! PrepperNet is UNITING PREPPERS Nationwide! And they are using AmRRON as their communications network! We hope to have an AmRRON Corps member within each PrepperNet group as a COMMS support person.  Thank you, to PrepperNet for sharing the AmRRON network within your groups!

We are very thankful for all the members and are looking forward to a great 2019!


Video Intro Text from PrepperNet:
Many people can get caught off guard and unprepared when a disaster strikes. Having one’s own communication system, that’s independent of infrastructure like telephone lines, cell towers, and broadcast radio and TV, can literally be a lifesaver. Cell phones rely on a network of receivers and transmitters that in turn rely on power systems and computers. Losing just one cell phone tower site can create localized dead spots right where you need to communicate. A large-scale power outage knocks the whole system down so that no one is communicating. And even if the cell phone system is still functioning, during a catastrophe everyone is trying to use the system at once, causing it to jam up. Even if some people are able to communicate, you might not be able to.

The kicker is that in a SHTF scenario, the one thing that will save you above all else is information. Knowing just what is going on, what areas are affected, and being able to make decisions is more important than any other survival prep you might have made.

Should you hunker down in your bunker or make a run for it? With the wrong information, any bunker can easily become a tomb, or an attempted escape can lead to a literally dead end. The problem is, you can’t rely on being given the information you need. You can’t trust what you’re being told on the news—they may not know or maybe deliberately concealing what’s going on.

You need survival communications that are robust against catastrophes and can get you the information you need whether you’re in the path of destruction or right in the thick of it. We will share PrepperNet’s approved list of communication equipment you need to own and will explain why.

Thank you, Natty!

Baofeng UV-5R dual band HT radio
Two extended life batteries
Baofeng Programming cable
14.5 inch whip antenna
Nelson roll-up J-Pole antenna
USB 5 volt charging dock
Baofeng 12 volt DC battery adapter
AA battery adapter
Nagoya UT-72 magnetic mount quarter wave antenna
Mobile amplifier
13.8 volt power supply
Anker Astro E7 V power brick
Folding solar panel