This page lists several resources to help you monitor hurricane Michael. The AmRRON Activation Plan outlines detailed instructions for operators during the hurricane. Nets will also be running according to the Communications S.O.I. Thank you to the operators assisting for monitoring the AmRRON frequencies!

AmCON Level Raised to level 2


Hurricane Michael is expected to make landfall on the Florida panhandle at approximately 0100hrs (Local) on Wednesday, October 10th. Widespread disruptions are expected to affect commercial power and communications grids as well as transportation in parts of Florida and Georgia, and possibly South Carolina and coastal Alabama. Below are several links with valuable information and resources:


AmRRON Activation Plan V 1.1 PDF
AmRRON Communications S.O.I.
AmRRON How to report from Hurricane Impact Zone (STATREP)

Georgia ARES
Make note of the “GA maps” menu selection on the left hand sidebar.
                >GA Amateur Radio Repeaters

National Hurricane Center
APRS maps of the Florida panhandle area – wx stations
Storm Coverage
Mike’s Weather Page Updates
The Maritime Mobile Service Network
Hurricane Evacuation Zones
SARnet Build-out MAPS
Hurricane Michael Facebook group
Peach State Intertie (GA Linked Repeaters)
GA Skywarn Repeaters
Southeastern Preppers Network Hurricane Thread


Please feel free to list additional resources in comments section below!

Hurricane Michael Updates