The following is a journal-style AAR (After Action Review) by AmRRON Corps operator Golf 8 Romeo (G8R aka ‘Gator’) during Hurricane Florence (and Tropical Storm/Tropical Depression) in September of 2018.This was one of the more rewarding aspects of the AmRRON activation, where we witnessed the network in action as it is supposed to be.

We all leaned a lot of lessons that will make us better as individual operators and as an organization. The tireless actions of Golf 8 Romeo, who’s persistence and servant attitude contributed to aiding and assisting others in his community, was a shining example of what it means to be resilient and selfless in times of hardship. We need more Golf 8 Romeos!

As you’ll also see, this was a team effort involving many great patriots who train regularly as a network to ensure communications and messages continue to flow. We all looked forward to hearing from those in the impacted disaster area, but G8R’s reports were by far the most regular, complete, and prolific of all the operators in the path of this storm. God bless everyone who served! I hope you all enjoy the AAR’s as we all relive the experience with G8R.

73! -JJS

>>Golf 8 Romeo After Action Review Hurricane Florence PDF<<

photo credit:the star