Newsletter | Updates from AmRRON National – 6/3/2018

Note from JJS
Greetings AmRRON team!
June is now upon us and T-Rex is now less than two months away.  The T-Rex planning team is doing stellar work putting the final exercise message traffic together and we’re excited.  It’s going to be a great training exercise. I recently received an email asking if T-Rex is only for AmRRON Corps. Absolutely not!  Although AmRRON Corps operators are doing the heavy lifting on the planning of the exercise, it is for anyone interested in practicing their emergency preparedness plan, either alone, as a family, or a large or small group.  Participants do not even have to be radio operators.  However, this IS a scenario-based exercise which is designed with radio communications in mind.  In a real-world emergency when conventional communications are disrupted, the most efficient and self-reliant way to stay informed and inform others is with the use of non-commercial communications.  This is your chance to encourage your friends, family, or group to consider moving communications to the top of the priority list, even if only for receiving.  This can be done using a shortwave radio receiver with Single Sideband (SSB) for long and intermediate range communications, and/or a scanner for local coverage.  Hopefully they’ll see just how important communications is by the end of the exercise.  And of course, the more one is trained and equipped, the more one is able to receive and even contribute.

All are invited.  Keep checking for more information about how to participate and get the most out of T-Rex and other future training exercises, and tell your non-AmRRON friends!

God bless, and 73,

-John Jacob Schmidt


General Updates
This week, we are celebrating the 7 year Anniversary of Radio Free Redoubt!  As many of you know, AmRRON (the American Redoubt Radio Operators Network), was originally created as a network to keep the American Redoubt connected. It has since grown into a nationwide network!  With the rapid growth, we have been working hard behind the scene implementing several updates to help support this crucial network.  These updates will also help streamline some of the administrative tasks. More updates to come!

AmRRON Surveys
The T-REX planning team needs your feedback!
Visit for the 2018 Pre-TREX  Survey!
Also, watch for the HF antenna survey results!

Rabid Rudolph Train Exercise

I want to encourage everyone to review the Rabid Rudolph AAR   This training is the lead up and for this year’s T-Rex 2018.  I can’t stress enough how valuable and impactful the ‘Rabid Rudolph’ TRAINEX (AmRRON Training Exercise) was.  Although there’s no substitute for experience gained from personal hands-on training with your own skills and equipment, there is tremendous value in learning from others’ experiences.   Through this AAR you’ll be able to glean from the reports of AmRRON Corps operators, both trainers and trainees alike, and I trust you’ll be greatly encouraged by them

T-REX 2018
MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the 5th annual, nationwide grid-down disaster training exercise T-Rex! Friday, July 20th through Sunday, July 22nd, 2018.

Welcome Newest AmRRON Corps Members!
Welcome! Golf Whiskey-12 (NC), November Zulu-02 (TX), Whiskey Tango-21 (TX), Whiskey Tango-20 (TN), Oscar Papa-06 (OK), Whiskey Tango-19 (IL), India Tango-01 (WA) & Juliet Echo-11 (MT)!


The Divide | A Great State – by Shelby Gallagher!

Divided We Fall: A Novel of the Coming Civil War in America & Embers of Empire by Mark Goodwin!

One Time Pad Exercise

[OTP EXERCISE]  Hint: You will be using the Tree Series

“Let’s make some Birch Paper”

27807 89659 64069 55357 80545
39833 38436 90356 65368 47563
78173 82490 78872 05478 71611
94485 68604 65243 13675 26966
70159 63090 42558 8707

Were you able to decrypt the message? One guess on who this quote is from.
Let us know by emailing
using subject title, “A man from the USSR”.


There are several of you that have stepped up and are contributing to the Mission of AmRRON! We appreciate you! Thank you!


Are you new to AmRRON? and not sure where to start? Click HERE for some resources!


Training  from other organizations
Ham-Com 2018
June 8-10th in Plano TX

Southeastern Division Convention
August 18-19, 2018

37th annual ARRL-TAPR Digital Communications Conference (DCC)
September 14 – 16 at the Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Wyoming State Convention
Sept 15, 2018

Rocky Mountain Division Convention
Sept 21 – 23, 2018

Great Lakes HamCon
October 6 – 7, 2018

Please check out Combat Studies Group for Internet Security classes in particular


Forward Observer has started doing in person classes again.


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