***** NOTICE *****

(UPDATED 8/22/2022)

Unfortunately, the ADL-1 One Time Pad generator machine is not available at this time.

This is largely due to a supply chain issue and the developers are working on alternate electronics parts solutions.

We will post updates here when there is more to report.


One Time Pad (OTP) is an ‘old school’ tool and a method of encrypting messages.  As long as the actual One Time Pad is kept secure, the message will be unbreakable.  The challenge of using this method is generating truly random sets of numbers. It can be very time consuming and redundant.  The AmRRON Dark Labs- OTP machine makes it as easy as the touch of a button, and it is FIELD PORTABLE!

Product Review: AmRRON Dark Labs: ADL-1 OTP Generator

AmRRON Dark Labs created a self-contained, field portable OTP unit. The AmRRON Dark Labs One Time Pad, Field [ADL- OTP (F)], is self-contained and a secure way to generate AND PRINT multiple One Time Pads.

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Introduction and Training
One Time Pad **Tree Series**

NOTE: The ‘Tree Series’ One Time Pads are for training purposes only, and may be reused for such purpose. One Time Pads should only be used ‘One Time’ for security reasons. Never use an OTP more than once for real world applications.

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