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Congratulations to the following winners of the RFR 2017 Young Partisan
Christmas One Time Pad Secret Coded Message Contest! We received 23 entries! 

        *GRAND PRIZE (Red Ryder BB Gun) WINNER: Growly Bear* 

*Second Prize: Squirrel Bait (KS)*

WEmake FM Radio Soldering Kit with Tools

*Third Prize: Pi*
The Boy's Book of Adventure: Guidebook  for Smart and Resourceful Boys

Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival

*Fouth Prize: Elfa Tango-07 (TX)*
Spy Science: 40 Secret-Sleuthing, Code-Cracking, Activities for Kids

On behalf of all of the partisans of Radio Free Redoubt, I want to
congratulate each of you for successfully decoding the secret message
for the Radio Free Redoubt 2017 Young Partisans One Time Pad Christmas
contest.  I'm so proud of each of you!  Even if you didn't win a prize
this time around, I hope you had a great time participating.  This year
was fun, and we'll have to get extra creative to make next year's even

For those of you who won, just have your parents let us know the best
mailing address to send your prizes to and we'll get those out to you
over the next few days.  You won't receive your prize by Christmas this
year, but it will be like a bonus Christmas present when it arrives! 

God bless each of you and may He protect you and guide you!

To all of you, from all of us at Radio Free Redoubt, Merry Christmas!

-John Jacob Schmidt