*Bottom line up front: * Version 3 is the most current version of the
SOI and will still be useable after V4 is released (target date Oct. 01,

Many people have been asking when the new version of the AmRRON SOI will
be released.  After all, we've been saying it's coming any time for a
while now.  However, we are on Version 3 and will remain so for a few
more weeks.  As I've been working on Version 4 (or 3.1, however it ends
up), I catch myself anticipating problems and confusion between those
still with V3 and the newer users having V4. 

The solution!  Version 4 will be identical to Version 3, including the
index and page numbers, etc., except for the back end of the SOI.   This
way two different radio operators can still use two different versions. 
If one person has a question about page 15, paragraph two, they'll both
be on the same page, literally.  For Version 4, all of the updates,
forms, and additional guidance will be located in the back of the SOI as
an addendum.   So, this revelation had me put the V4 I was working on on
hold... temporarily. 

Some of the additional resources that will be added are ALREADY on the
website as postings.  For example:

- County STATREP Form

- Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale (for reporting earthquake damage and

Those with the SOI Version 3 may simply print those resources from the
website and add them to the back of their current SOI. 

Even when V4 is released, as changes are implemented and addendums are
added those changes will also be posted on www.AmRRON.com as separate
postings, for V3 users to simply print and add.

Version 4 will also include an index of the addendums, located toward
the back of the SOI, just before the addendums. 

By October 01, 2017, hard copies of V4 will be made available at the
Redoubt Gear Store for a minimum gift amount of $12 (for the
small/compact version).  

Hope that helps clear things up!