The AmRRON network is GROWING! and so are the nets!  If you do not have a net in your area, we have the tools in place to help you START ONE!  Local communications, including the Channel 3 project will be crucial if other means of communications become unavailable.

Ready to Join or Start a local AmRRON net?
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The AmRRON Corps team is heading up additional Training Nets!

-National CW Net- 2nd SATURDAY Monthly
-AmRRON Regional Digital practice nets
-Cascadia Rising Response Group (CSRG) Digital Net


>>AmRRON Net Schedule (Regional, National & Local)<<


Net Reminder!- Nets this week!

-20 Meter Nets-1st & 3rd WEDNESDAY (6/7)
-40m 1st & 3rd WEDNESDAY EVENING (6/7)
-40m Rolling Regional Nets- 1st & 3rd THURSDAY (6/8)

Thank you!!!
To all the operators that are stepping up as Net Control Stations