AmRRON Corps has established an ACE (Analysis and Control Element) for the monitoring, sharing, analyzing, and dissemination of information related to hostilities surrounding the inauguration of Donald Trump. As the events unfold, SITREPs are being sent out by AmRRON operators via HF radio.

Operation “Tantrum Overwatch” Overview Posting

In a real world situation, you may not have access to the internet for updates. Getting your COMMS UP will allow you to get information even if conventional communications become unavailable. Note: There is approx 2 hour delay from AmRRON Radio Nets for these SITREPs to be published.

OPERATION “Tantrum Overwatch” SITREP 20-003


Here is the criteria for scaling the threats:


1. No indication of civil disobedience, demonstrations, or threats
2. Some marches or rallies, but otherwise peaceful. -- CAUTION
3. Demonstrations and civil disobedience with only isolated incidences of violence, some arrests, and properaty damage. -- AVOID
4. Rioting or civil unrest resulting in casualties, destruction of property, breakdown in order, and arrests - AVOID
5. Terrorist or Violence resulting in deaths and martial law- AVOID

HOTSTPOT LIST on the radar (ACE actively tracking)

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

HOTSTPOT LIST on the radar (ACE actively tracking) based on objective
assessment, multiple intelligence sources, and analytical tools:
  (Minor demonstrations) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 (Terrorism or Riots resulting
in fatalities)
   Zulu Time/Date 20 Jan  2000hrs  2400hrs
Washington DC              3        3
New York City              2        1
Seattle, WA                1        1     
Portland,OR                2        2    
Los Angeles, CA            1        1    
Atlanta, GA                1        1       
Chicago, IL                1        2   
San Francisco              1        1
Minneapolis               --        2
Boston                    --        2
Austin, TX                --        2            
Analysis indicators of future hotspots:

LOCATION:Portland, OR  Cheers from the crowd when asked "Are you ready
to get arrested? Are you ready for civil disobedience?"