AmRRON Corps has established an ACE (Analysis and Control Element) for the monitoring, sharing, analyzing, and dissemination of information related to hostilities surrounding the inauguration of Donald Trump. As the events unfold, SITREPs are being sent out by AmRRON operators via HF radio.

Operation “Tantrum Overwatch” Overview Posting

In a real world situation, you may not have access to the internet for updates. Getting your COMMS UP will allow you to get information even if  conventional communications become unavailable.  Note: There is approx 2 hour delay from AmRRON Radio Nets for these SITREPs to be published.

OPERATION “Tantrum Overwatch” SITREP 20-001

OPERATION “Tantrum Overwatch” SITREP 20-001 Download File
SITREP 20-001 Operation Tantrum Overwatch ADDENDUM Download File

The AmRRON operation, Tantrum Overwatch has been monitoring activities of
anarchic-communistand other radical left-wing organizations related to the
Trump inauguration events for the past 24 hours.  As promised, tens of
thousands of demonstrators continue to arrive in Washington DC, with
planned rallies, protests, civil disobedience, and even in some cases,

The AmRRON ACE (Analysis and Control Element), along with the Forward
Observer live ACE in Austin, TX, are working together to monitor
intelligence sources (OSINT, HUMINT, IMINT, and ELINT) and are using
analytical tools to track potential threats and anticipate the
development of new areas.

Infrastructure YELLOW: multiple roads reportedly blocked by police and
protesters, disrupting medical services to injured.

Political: RED.  Several elected officials and high profile celebrities
have vowed to walk out and in some cases, join in the protests, which
could inflame the civil unrest situation.  Additionally, leftist groups
have vowed to disrupt the peaceful transition of power between the
outgoing and incoming presidents.  Additionally there is a strong
sentiment among the leftists calling for the death of President-elect
Trump and members of his staff.  This also leaves our nation in a
vulnerable position and open to exploitation by potential aggressor
nation state enemies of the US.

Civil: RED.  Leftist groups have been discovered to have been planning
terrorist acts and disruptions to transportation as well as violence
against supporters of the new administration.  Some have called for
death/maiming threats against journalists and others who are exposing
the leftist organizations, actions, and intentions. Racial strive is
intensifying and leftist racist groups have also vowed to commit civil
disobedience and unrest.


SITREP 20-001 Operation Tantrum Overwatch ADDENDUM


1. No indication of civil disobedience, demonstrations, or threats -- SAFE

2. Some marches or rallies, but otherwise peaceful. -- CAUTION

3. Demonstrations and civil disobedience with only isolated incidences of violence, some arrests, and properaty damage. -- AVOID

4. Rioting or civil unrest resulting in casualties, destruction of property, breakdown in order, and arrests -- AVOID

5. Terrorist or Violence resulting in deaths and martial law -- AVOID

HOTSTPOT LIST on the radar (ACE actively tracking) based on objective assessment, multiple intelligence sources, and analytical tools:

Analysis indicators of future hotspots:
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5


Washington DC 3

New York City 2

Seattle, WA 1

Portland,OR 2

Los Angeles, CA 1

Atlanta, GA 1

Chicago, IL 1

San Francisco 1

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LOCATION: Washington DC

SOURCE:Youtube – Disclosure Media Network

MESSAGE/NARRATIVE/SIGNIFICANT DETAILS: VIDEO: LIVE Protest in DC near Metro Station, police fired tear gas.





Location:Portland Oregon

Source:Portland Police scanner

Message/Narrative/Significant Details: students have arrived at waterfront park. police are holding back waiting to see next developments


TIME: 2326Z

LOCATION: WASH DC, Deploraball

SOURCE(where you got it from): Twitter @YourAnonGlobal


Anonymous inside Deploraball

Tweet froom 2306Z Reads:

Names to faces, UIDs of phones, wifis, everything inside the #Deploraball. Will you expect us, @Cernovich? #DisruptJ20

We have covert people inside the #Deploraball. FYI @cernovich. Be prepared to get cucked! #DisruptJ20


TIME: 2144Z


SOURCE(where you got it from): Twitter @FutureOnFire


Democratic Socialists of NY join allies at Foley Sq., 5pm