What is “Net Word of The Week”? ……..Why do I want it, and how can I get it?

Article written by [code name] Bravo-24

AmRRON exists to keep conservative, freedom-minded, self-reliant patriots connected when conventional methods of sharing news is disrupted. During practice nets, a “Net Word of the Week” is used to measure AmRRON’s ability to get information from the National level (High Frequency) to the Local level (UHF/VHF).  By taking the time to get the “Net Word of the Week”, you are practicing your ability to bring information to your local community.

The Net Word Of The Week is changed every two weeks and is transmitted during the AMRRON National Practice Nets: AmRRON Regional/National Net Schedule


There are three ways to participate in these nets:


JJS created this video detailing the use of a Web based SDR to monitor HF Traffic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Bx7vqZp91A

Visit http://WebSDR.org and start playing around.

Pros: No cost to use. As long as you have a computer and internet access, you can listen to HF frequencies from any number of available Web enabled SDRs.

Cons: No ability to transmit. Reliant on 3rd party services and grid infrastructure. This isn’t a viable method for reliable communications monitoring.


Short Wave Radio – BETTER

A SSB enabled Short Wave Radio is something you should really have already. This is a receive only radio, a Short Wave Radio will allow you to monitor HF frequencies.  You can also let us know you heard the nets by filling out the Net Check-in form.

Here’s a previous article on Short Wave Radio Basics: Shortwave Radio Basics

The TecSun PL880 is a good functioning, reasonably priced shortwave radio.

The GP-5 is a smaller radio that is still capable of allowing you to monitor the national nets. It’s available via CountyComm.

Pros: Simple and robust. Low power consumption, very portable.

Cons: No ability to transmit.


HF Transceiver – BEST

AmRRON is not just about receiving information – but also being able to send information. Earning your General License and investing in equipment, will allow you the permissions to send and receive information using HF (High Frequency).

Pros: Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.

Cons: It’s not going to actually bring you fortune or glory – but the work is it’s own reward, and this hobby is only limited by your desire to learn and do.