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Some reports are now coming in that this is a false report, so take it with a grain of salt. But keep in mind:
1. The Turkish government just voted to give even more powers to an already-autocratic leader, suspending ‘human rights’.
2. Reports that the information is false is coming from a Turkish government regulatory agency which has NOT been purged (ergo – Loyal to Erdogan)
3. Written by pro-Erdogan Turkish citizen. “Coup failed, democracy wins!” Then he follows up by saying don’t believe the lies. Huh????
It seems to me that it would be more correct to say, ‘Constitution and rule of law failed, Erdogan wins!’
Ham radio shouldn’t be about politics, but sometimes politics comes to ham radio.

That’s my take. -JJS


Turkey government revokes 3213 ham radio licenses
It has been confirmed by Supreme Council of radio and television of Turkey (RTUK) the news that Mr. Erdogan – the president of Turkey has revoked 3213 national ham radio licenses. The HF radio in Turkey is now silent. No transmissions are allowed.

Following the coup d’etat – of July 5th – many things are changing in Turkey. TV , Radio licenses have been cancelled and this involved also our colleagues : ham radio amateurs. The number of amateur radio operators in Turkey is not too much, but according to the site TRAC.org it looks like that around 3000 licenses have been revoked. Who’s transmitting outside turkey without licence should be considered a pirate – said Mr Erdogan.

The Supreme Council of radio and television of Turkey (RTUK) has cancelled the licenses of over 20 radio and television broadcasters as well ham radio operators.

The Telsiz ve Radyo Amatörleri Cemiyeti (TRAC) is the national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in turkey. The TRAC was founded in 1962 as the Türkiye Radyo Amatörleri Cemiyeti, adopting its current name in 1980. It’s located in Istanbul, with branches in 44 locations across Turkey. TRAC is the national member society representing Turkey in the IARU. Now, it has been closed down.

We look forward to have news from Turkey ham radio league.

Turkey’s coup in numbers
21,000 private teachers have licences removed
15,000 suspended from education ministry
8,000 police officers detained or suspended
6,000 soldiers detained
1,500 staff at Ministry of Finance dismissed
3213 ham radio operators with license revoked.
2745 judges dismissed
1,577 deans – Education board demands resignation
492 sacked from Religious Affairs Directorate 399 from Ministry of Family and Social Policies stripped of responsibilities
257 fired from the prime minister’s office
100 intelligence officials sacked
47 district governors dismissed
30 provincial governors dismissed
20 news websites blocked

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