There were 20 pre-loaded messages to be sent out during the course of the exercise, T-Rex 2016.  How did you do?  Below is a list of the messages that were sent out.  They are listed in chronological order from the time they were intended to be sent out and injected into the scenario.  The following twenty messages were distributed to volunteer ‘initiating’ stations across the country.  Sometimes they had to scramble to get the message out to make the next AmRRON net in time, and other times they had to wait for hours until the next net cycle came around.  In either case, we think it added a lot of realism and plausible news and information and enhanced the scenario.  Great job to the volunteer Corps operators for their hard work, and Tango-05 for heading up the scenario/message team.

There was also one ‘official’ image which was to accompany message number 9.  Some didn’t know that and some messages weren’t numbered, or didn’t maintain their message numbers as they were relayed throughout the net.  Lots of training ahead.  A special thanks goes out to everyone who participated!  Thank you for training.  We’re all better for it!

Summary of Pre-Loaded Messages


————–  —-  ——-  ———————————————-

20160610 1900Z    6-E    514(MO)     8.7 mag earthquake reported in Fulton MO

20160610 2000Z    17     502(ID)       Callaway Nuclear Plant, cooling tower collapse

20160610 2000Z    2-E   501(CA)      Tacoma aftershock, St. Joe Hospital collapse

20160610 2030Z    11      504(MN)     Memphis airport 747 crash and terminal fire

20160610 2100Z    15      506(OH)     Nationwide power grid failure summary

20160610 2230Z    8       508(SC)       O’Hare Airport, report of damage and closure

20160610 2300Z    5-T   509(VA)       Vice President nationwide address urging calm

20160610 2300Z    19     513(AZ)        St. Louis MO, update on rioting and blackout

20160611 0200Z    1-D   510(VA)        Route 50, Chantilly VA, gas price gouging

20160611 0400Z    13      511(WA)       Callaway Nuclear Plant, 50 mile radius evacs

20160611 1300Z    9       503(ID)         Seattle damage update, see Pic 1 below

20160611 1400Z    20      512(MI)       Phoenix Airport, relief supplies looted

20160611 1400Z    10      507(OR)       Welfare message from man in OR to wife in MN

20160611 1400Z    18      505(MN)       Acknowledgment Radio Message to Message 10

20160611 1500Z    7-D     513(AZ)        El Paso, no border patrol, masses crossing

20160611 1700Z    14      508(SC)         Orlando, blocked highway, stranded motorists

20160611 1800Z    4-O    504(MN)      Little Rock AR, gang violence

20160611 2100Z    16      501(CA)         DHS Secretary directs FEMA local takeovers

20160611 2300Z    3-V   511(WA)         Snoqualmie Pass WA, stranded evacuees

20160612 1030Z    12      509(VA)         Virginia, neighborhood patrol repels looters


Pic 1, Message 9

T-Rex 2016 Pic 1 Image 9 - Seattle Rubble

Some other ‘extra curricular’ images sent out during the exercise.  They were copied by a single station.  Other station likely had better copy, depending on band conditions and proximity to the sending stations.  Color is slower, but looks better when band conditions are good.  These were unofficial:

T-Rex 16 Unofficial 1

T-Rex 16 Unofficial 2

T-Rex 16 Unofficial 3

T-Rex 16 Unofficial 4

T-Rex 16 Unofficial 5