T-Rex 2016 disaster training exercise will coincide and overlap on one day with Cascadia Rising, which is a catastrophic earthquake scenario-based exercise to take place from Tuesday, June 7th through Friday, June 10th.   Read and/or download the PDF the Cascadia Rising Earthquake exercise overview HERE.

NOTE:  Pay special attention to pages 165 – 173.  It makes a strong case for the need to have alternative, backup communications, and paints a great picture of nearly every form of communications being affected.  Local AmRRON Black Echo stations would be needed to help fill that public information gap.

T-Rex begins the morning of Friday, June 10th after a series of cascading blackouts and rolling blackouts begin to affect the western United States – a result of the strain on communications and power infrastructure from the Pacific Northwest CSZ earthquake (Magnitude 9.0+).

CASCADIA RISING (Tuesday Morning, Jun 7th):

Once we receive word that the earthquake on the coasts of Washington and Oregon has “happened”:

  • Radio Free Redoubt will begin live streaming coverage. We will have access to a website custom built for this scenario, to include Casc-Trex 1news reports, social media, and videos from the (simulated) affected disaster areas.  We’ll be putting out news reports, playing music, and Old Time Radio, just to maintain a presence on the air (internet).
  • AmRRON Corps operators will be monitoring disaster response radio communications and sending in Situation Reports (SITREPs) based on what news they get from the airwaves.
  • The information gleaned from monitoring efforts by AmRRON operators will be used to formulate Situation Reports to be sent out over the airwaves once T-Rex kicks off.

T-REX (TEOTWAWKI Readiness Exercise) (Friday, June 10th)

  • At 2pm (Central Time Zone) on Friday, June 10th, a larger earthquake will strike at the New Madrid Subduction Zone.

(See the documentation from the CUSEC 2014 New Madrid FEMA training exercise at:

http://www.cusec.org/plans-a-programs/capstone14/173Casc-Trex 2.jpg

  • GRID DOWN- Due to the additional damage on an already-strained power grid, power is lost to most of the country
  • Conventional communications are disrupted and non-functional, due to catastrophic failure and demand overload.





Casc-Trex 3

Tuesday – Thursday:

  • As soon as we get word that the Cascadia Rising earthquake has taken place, we will be putting out alerts that the exercise is underway.
  • AmRRON Corps operators will be monitoring the airwaves and sending in SITREPS to Radio Free Redoubt.
  • Radio Free Redoubt live streaming continuous coverage, bringing you News and Updates, music, entertainment, and more.

LISTEN LIVE at http://s7.streammonster.com/start/radiofreeredoubt



  • 1400hrs Central Time: /// GRID DOWN ///  Second Earthquake strike at New Madrid Subduction Zone in the central United States.
    • No cell phone services
    • No Internet
    • No landlines
  • Turn your power off and practice (simulate) turning off natural gas and other utilities.
  • ESTABLISH COMMUNICATIONS within your family, group, and community.
  • TUNE IN! All further developments, news, and Situation Reports will be shared among operators over the airwaves, in accordance with the AmRRON SOI and your local communications networks.


How to participate:

  • Practice your family, group, community disaster plan, whether you’re bugging out, sheltering in place, or attempting to make the journey home.
  • You will be in an information blackout, so you’ll want to learn what areas are affected, and to what extent.
  • Several AmRRON operators across the country have been issued ‘preloaded’ information they will use to inject SITREPS, news, and updates into the scenario.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Use the Signals Operating Instructions to tune in to the AmRRON Nets.
  • You will use this information to determine what “you would do” if the reports were real. 
  • Pass the news and information to others:
    • Your family, group and community
    • Over local CH3 and AmRRON nets
    • Black Echo Broadcasting stations
    • Leaders: Inform your pastor, your county commissioner, your sheriff or police chief, lawmakers, community and grassroots leaders (if they are like-minded and friendly toward disaster preparedness training).
    • At the very least, tuning in and monitoring the AmRRON nets will give you situational awareness.



  • Listen to HF communications using a shortwave radio with Single Sideband,
  • Listen to local communications using a scanner (or programmable VHF ham radio)



All preloaded traffic initiated during T-Rex will have an accompanying number.  That is so we can track the progress  of the messages throughout the exercise.


CONTEST WORD:  Some messages/traffic will be accompanied by both a number AND a letter.  Each alpha-numeric message identifier are needed to form the contest word, and can only be received over the radio.  Keep a log of traffic you receive and assemble the contest word.  Each number represents the place of its corresponding number.


Example word:

R   A   D   I   O

1   2   3   4   5

Message number 2A would indicate that the letter A goes in the number 2 position in forming the word.

Another (better) explanation can be found in the T-Rex Promo video at:



And T-Rex 2015 Promo video at:



When you have the completed contest word, email JohnJacob@RadioFreeRedoubt.com and type the contest word in the subject line.   All entries must be received no later than 2100hrs Zulu on Sunday, June 12th.  A drawing will be held that evening during the Radio Free Redoubt podcast and the winners will be announced at that time.


Have fun.  Train hard.  Get your comms up!