As mentioned in RFR Episode 16-18, this is the list of computer and internet programs and devices I recommended, including a priority list (bottom) to help you on your way.  Remember, Youtube is your friend!  -JJS

The down and dirty guidance for internet and computer security/anonymitySpy_Shoe

UNSEEN.IS – Encrypted email, chat, etc.  Server based in Iceland (A+ Privacy laws)
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(Recommended over startmail is .com and protonmail because they don’t have pop settings.)

Thunderbird – Download – For importing all your POP3 emails, and encrypting using enigmail

Internet Security:
NordVP  – Virtual Private Network

TAILS/TOR  – The Amnesic Incognito Live System/The Onion Routing network

KeePass – Create and maintain multiple complex passwords and store encrypted.

Veracrypt – Create encrypted volumes, hidden volumes and encrypt whole disks

pgp4usb – Create encryption keys to keep portable on a thumb drive



  1. NordVPN
  2. Encrypted email (GPG Encryption)

For off shore email, I recommend UNSEEN.IS  (they offer free accounts too, or you can upgrade)

  1. KeePass
  2. Veracrypt
  3. TAILS/TOR (Persistent)

KANGURU TRUST (flash drive) – I use this for TAILS/TOR operating system

  1. pgp4usb



NOTICE: The default settings in Thunderbird when setting up an email never seem to work.  'AUTO DETECT' won't cut it.


1. Recommend POP3 instead of IMAP (Optional)
2. you need to add 'mail.' to incoming and outgoing server settings:
3. 'Auto' never works for me.
- Ports should be 995 Incoming and 465 on Outgoing
- Connection Security should be SSL/TLS instead of 'Auto Detect'
- Authentication Method should be 'Normal Password' (and then create a good password)

This does not address GPG encryption setup.  Just getting your unseen mail to work in your Thunderbird.