Violette Szabo was a covert OSS Operative who’s mission it was to parachute into France to link up with the Partisans fighting the Nazis in WWII.  She was a CW radio operator who transmitted SITREPS back to England, reporting on enemy activity, troop and supply movements.  Additionally she coordinated covert insertion and extraction of other OSS operatives and resupply drops deep inside enemy territory.  Because of the dangers involved and the efficient SIGINT capabilities of the Germans, she learned to master the art of covert antennas.  She, as well as the other operators,  would often have several antennas prepositioned  in suitable locations in the towns and countryside.  This allowed for them to quickly connect their radios, transmit their message, and then leave the area.   A partisan radio operator was one of the most dangerous and aggressively hunted resistance fighter roles in the war.  Violette Szabo went missing on one of her missions.  Based on reports from other operatives held by the Nazis, and who told their stories after the war, Violette is presumed to have been ruthlessly executed in a prison camp in Germany, along with at least one other female operative.  Learn more about her fascinating story at

Here are some books for further reading:

Violette Szabo, Carve Her Name With Pride
Avenue of Spies: A True Story of Terror, Espionage, and Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Paris

It is rumored that her last transmission was never able to be decrypted by the OSS Headquarters:

01299 67975 41883 04064 33576 32012 16116 16351 47877