Beginning Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016, the following AmRRON National Net schedule takes effect for the first and third Wednesday and Thursday of each month:

WEDNESDAY (in the U.S.)

2000hrs Zulu   20m Voice Net on 14.342 USB

2030hrs Zulu   20m Digital Net on 14.110 USB (Contestia 4/250)



0130hrs Zulu 40m Voice Net on 7.242 LSB

0230hrs Zulu 40m Digital Net on 7.110 USB (Contestia 4/250)



80m Rolling Nets (NO SCHEDULE CHANGE)

Thursday evening ‘Rolling Nets’ will continue as always:
— 80 Meter Rolling Nets during winter months (01 Nov – 31 Mar)

— 40 Meter Rolling Nets during summer months (01 Apr – 31 Oct)


*The Wednesday evening nets will have one national Net Control Operator, as we used to have.  This will require stations to act as relays and step up to assume ‘Assistant Net Control’ duties to help facilitate getting the NWOTW distributed, and relaying information throughout the nets.  The primary purpose of the Wednesday evening net will be to focus on getting information distributed to the network, with less focus on ‘check ins’.  The information to be passed may be in the form of NWOTW, as well as SITREPs, SPOTREPs, messages, and other traffic.

These Wednesday (40/80m) nets will be a less formal, but very important, practice net which might simulate a real-world disaster situation where more formal Net Control Stations have not yet been coordinated or present.