BaoFeng Tech just announced the release of the new UV-2501 and UV-5001 Dual Band Mobile Radios.

These may look similar in appearance to other radios, but we have re-built our mobiles from the ground up with a new menu system, audio and bug fixes, exclusive enhancements, and much more – with insight and improvements given to us from amateurs nationwide.

BTECH MINI UV-2501 (2nd Generation) 25 Watt Dual Band Mobile Radio

BTECH MOBILE UV-5001 (2nd Generation) 50 Watt Dual Band Mobile Radio


The dual-band Nagoya UT-72 arrived just in time to pair with your new mobile radios. It is an ultra-coil magnetic antenna. The ultra-coil increases the UHF Reception to 4.5dBi! We have included the necessary adapters to make these 100% compatible with our handheld radios as well.- BaoFeng Tech

Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72 Super Loading Coil 19-Inch Magnetic Mount VHF/UHF