Communications Measures – Grid Up & Grid Down

This is part of an outline from a presentation I recently gave, discussing communications and security.  It is broken down into two primary categories – Grid Up and Grid Down.   The main emphasis is on Grid Up communications.  

DUMP G-MAIL & Windows 10!  Get away from these two things.  Stop using Gmail and don’t upgrade to Windows 10.  They are the top two worst spyware programs on the market.  To stop the Win 10 upgrade pop-ups from occurring, go to:

Start using encrypted email for all but the most mundane email tasks, with as many of your friends and family as possible.  Do not use this only for highly sensitive correspondence.  Use it frequently. 

NOTE:  Subject lines are not encrypted.  Only the text in the body of the email is encrypted.
Below are some excellent encrypted web-based email options:

          (Free)  Web-based

                  (Free & Paid Subscription) Web based

           (Paid $5/mo)  Web based
               *Thunderbird/GPG  (Free) Pop Server Capable with existing email

                              Go to Youtube tutorials – Search phrase:  ‘Thunderbird GPG email setup’

                              Here’s a good tutorial:
Non-Encrypted free email services (some alternatives to Gmail).  These can still be encrypted using Thunderbird gpg.  The following email services can be set up in your Thunderbird email program so you can receive and store emails on your computer – Extremely helpful for accessing your emails even when you don’t have internet access.





 ‘Apps’ (Applications for  Smart Phones & Tablets)

               Wickr  (Encrypted Text)

               Red Phone (Free encrypted phone and text)

               Silent Circle (Text & Phone) $10/mo  annual contract

                FIRECHAT (direct mesh network – no cell tower service necessary)

               To learn more about Firechat, go to
Grid Down:  

Before the grid goes down, practice during regularly-scheduled nets!  

FRS Channel-3                   462.6125

MURS Channel-3              151.940

CB Channel-3                     26.985

Ham Radio 2m                  146.420 MHz 

     Note: Scanner can receive all of these frequencies.

For an emergency, grid-down communications plan, refer to the AmRRON Communications SOI
*My preferred method of corresponding using encrypted email is gpg encryption (using Thunderbird).  My public key is below:
John Jacob’s public key is below.   Import into your key manager after you get Thunderbird set up.  Send me your public key so I can import it into my key manager.  After that we can send encrypted emails to each other.

John Jacob Schmidt (0x45117312) pub