The net schedule changes we’ve been discussing are here.  The following net times will be implemented effective 01 November 2015.  Please help pass the word.  We will go through the website to reconcile the schedules.  The schedule in this posting will supercede any conflicting net schedules for regularly-scheduled practice nets.

NOTE:  All times are in Zulu Time.  We’ve provided WED and THURS for convenience, reflecting the day of the week in the continental United States.


20m National Net (1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month)

VOICE:          0130Z          14.342 USB

DIGITAL:      0230Z         14.110 USB     (Contestia 4/250)

80m Rolling Regional Nets (1st and 3rd Thursday – following day after 20m National Nets)

Frequencies are +/-  depending on QRM.  Be prepared to moved up and down the dial until you find the AmRRON Net.

VOICE FREQUENCY:        3.818 LSB  

DIGITAL FREQUENCY:   3.588 USB (Mode: Contestia 4/250 unless otherwise directed by Net Control)


REGION                  Time

Eastern Voice:                 0000Z

Eastern Digital:               0030Z


Central Voice:                 0030Z

Central Digital:               0100Z


Mountain Voice:            0100Z

Mountain Digital:          0130Z


Pacific Voice:                  0130Z

Pacific Digital:               0200Z



This will become the year-round net time schedule, maintaining the same Zulu Time, regardless of Daylight Savings time changes.


40 meter nets will continue to be held during summer-months (01 Apr-31 Oct)

80 meter nets will continue to be held during winter-months (01 Nov-31 Mar)