Tennessee ARES Exercise:  Saturday, October 3rd  0900 – 1430hrs (CDT)

I know this is extremely short notice, but I just received this information.  Today is Friday, October 2nd.  But hey, this is way more notice than you’ll receive if a real earthquake strikes, right?

HF Voice Frequencies:

7235 KHz (Daytime)

3980 KHz (Nighttime)

Download and print:  Tennessee_SET_OPORDER _3_


AmRRON Operator Objectives: 

If you are not a member of ARES and directly involved in the exercise:

A. Practice monitoring during a disaster communications exercise, taking accurate notes/logs

See Monitoring forms under ‘Resources’ tab at AmRRON.com for the following forms:

B. Activating your local/area/regional AmRRON nets

C. Practice passing information along to your regional AmRRON net

D. Confirm accuracy of pre-event frequency lists.  Make and share updates, changes, or additional frequencies, modes, etc.

E.  Feel like writing?  Write up a brief (500 word) synopsis of your experience and email to johnjacob@radiofreeredoubt.com


Additional VHF Repeater Information for Tennessee (may need to be updated by you during the exercise):

  1. Regional Command Posts

The following Regional Command Posts have been established for this exercise.

  1. Middle Tennessee – Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA)

Call – NE4MA

Monitors – MTEARS, 146.580 simplex (t100.0), 3980 Khz,

7235 Khz

WL2K Call – NE4MA

Soundcard digital Capable on HF


  1. Knox County – KEMA-East Tennessee Auxcom

Call – KC4EM

Monitors – MTEARS (442.500+ t100), 146.555 simplex,

146.940- (t118.8), 3980 Khz

WL2K Call – KC4EM

Soundcard digital capable on HF/VHF


  1. Gibson County – Gibson County Emergency Operations Center

Call – K0KTB

Monitors – 146.520 simplex, 146.865- (no tone)

WL2K Call – K0KTB

Soundcard digital capable


  1. Shelby County – SCOP Command

Call – N4HLT

Monitors- 146.580 simplex, 146.625- (t107.2)

WL2K Call – N4HLT


  1. Fayette County – Fayette County Emergency Operations Center

Call – AC5MR

Monitors – 146.420 simplex, 146.940 (no tone), 3980 Khz.

WL2K Call – AC5MR

Soundcard digital capable on HF

  1. Command and Control

The Middle Tennessee Emergency Amateur Repeater System (MTEARS) will be the primary command and control frequency for the exercise. Most of the Regional Command Centers established for the exercise should be monitoring MTEARS.


  1. HF Frequencies

The Tennessee Phone Net frequency (3980 Khz) and the Tennessee Emergency Net Frequency (7235 Khz) are alternatives if MTEARS is not available. All frequencies are +/-. You may need to look nearby for exercise/net activity.

Tennessee ARES Freqs