As of this writing (20151001 2145Z) we are at AmCON-4.  AmRRON opertors are standing by, preparing their equipment, and will be ready to monitor 7.242 LSB Voice for anyone needing to call outside affected areas requesting assistance.  We will assess the situation and make changes as required.  The following tools should help with your situational awareness, from real-time hurricane tracking, to flood plain analysis.

For Hurricane-related communications resources, check out the AmRRON Posting titled:

Hurricane Season – Ham Radio Standing By

Hurricane Tracking (Contributed by Major Payne):

Hurricane Joaquin Page #1 at…

Hurricane Joaquin Page #2 at…


The following was contributed by Echo Charlie-56
Hurricane Joaquin: How to Get Flood Plain Data

If your area of operations (AO) is located in a flood prone area, then you
should definitely have these maps in your Intelligence Preparation of the
Community (IPC) binder.  EVERYONE should have an IPC binder or notebook
where this type of information is kept.  Having the lead time of a few days
to get ready is a luxury.

Without further ado, here's the link:

Type in your zip code or city/state in the search box and hit 'Search'.
It's going to think for a second and then bring up a map.  Find your local
map and save that map to your desktop.  Print it out and keep it in your

1. Find your home on the map (as well as the home of your elderly parents,
family and friends).

2. Find your workplace (may have to use another map) and your PACE (primary,
alternate, contingency, emergency) routes for your commute (may have to use
several maps).  If you have to be at work (or out to rescue family) during
the flooding, then you'll need to know which routes are the least likely to
be affected by the flooding.

3. Use this data to help plan for an emergency situation that you know is