Originally Posted at http://www.textfiles.com/hamradio/FREQUENCIES/ and named ‘Ham Radio: Frequency Lists’, its title is not entirely accurate.  This contains MUCH more than just Ham Radio.  Great resource that can be copy/pasted into a Word or text document for saving or printing.  Great resource!  -JJS


A major part of Ham Radio is scanning different frequencies, and one of the most popular kinds of Ham Radio textfiles are lists of interesting frequencies to try. They range from the mundane (allocations of different bands) to very specific in use by police, fire departments, amusement parks, etc. If you have a ham radio, it must be very interesting indeed.

Description of the Textfile
101n2l.ham 146785 Artificial Satellite Orbital Elements in NORAD “2-line” Format
152-440.txt 30067 Scanner Frequencies 152 – 440 MHz
25-152.txt 27314 Scanner Frequencies 25 – 152 MHz (Ohio)
440-1300.txt 28267 Scanner Frequencies 440 – 1300 MHz (Ohio)
800-1300.txt 6956 An 800-1300mhz Listening Guide
800-1300doc.ham 7040 The 800-1300mhz Listening Guide
800-900.txt 2531 Frequency Allocations for the 806-960 MHz Band
800-900xxx.ham 2540 Frequency Allocations for the 806-960mhz Band
800mhz.txt 7296 800 MHz Frequency Guide by john Mccolman
900fone.txt 667 900MHz Phone Frequencies
af1freq.ham 4387 Unclassified USDCA Frequencies
af1freq.txt 4385 United States Defense Communication Agency Frequencies Index Unclassified
air95.txt 109127 A List of Airline Frequencies (1995)
air_emer.txt 2879 Aircraft Emergency Frequencies (VHF) by John (Topol) Johnson KWV8BP
airfone.ham 3889 Airfone Frequencies by John Johnson
airfonef.req 14499 What Frequencies are Used for the Air Fone Air to Ground
airforce.ham 2084 U.S. Air Force – Special Air Missions – H.F. Radio Frequencie
airforce.txt 2157 U.S. Air Force – Special Air Missions – H.F. Radio Frequencies
airlnfrq.txt 4629 Frequencies for Phun #1 by Sir Francis Drake
airports.txt 258827 A List of Airport Locations and Frequencies
airshow.ham 3165 Monitoring Air Shows, by John Johnson
airshow.txt 2336 Monitoring Airshows: A List of Frequencies
all.txt 175456 A List of Atlanta, GA Frequencies
alldba.ham 175454 Large list of Coast Guard and Army Frequencies
anarc1.txt 6619 Radio Netherlands Winter 1990 Broadcast Schedule
anarc10.txt 3203 BRT Internation Winter 1990 List
anarc2.txt 15587 Radio Netherlands Programme Information Release for August-October 1990
anarc4.txt 18401 Deutsche Welle Frequency and Program Schedule (September 30, 1990)
anarc5.txt 13953 Voice of America Transmission Schedule (September 30th 1990 – March 1991)
anarc6.txt 1700 Radio Canada International English Language Schedule (March 25th-September 29th, 1990)
anarc7.txt 24149 BBC World Service Information
anarc8.txt 6677 Radio Sweden (S-105 10 Stockholm)
anarc9.txt 1529 Radio Beijing Times and Frequencies of English Broadcasts
atlair.txt 1658 Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport Frequency Guide
atlairdoc.ham 2048 Atlanta-Hartsfield Internation Airport Frequency Guide
azforestfrq.ham 2014 Frequencies for Forest Services in Arizona
azstate.txt 3280 Arizona State Frequencies DPS
azstatefrq.ham 3368 Arizona State Frequencies
b-ems.ham 3289 Boston EMS Frequencies and Call Signs
bandlist.txt 7168 FREQUENCIES: Shortwave Frequencies Band Guide
batf.txt 783 FREQUENCIES: The BATF / Treasury
bbcskedw91.ham 104170 BBC World Service: Winter 1991 Schedule
bc200205xlt.phk 4417 Bearcat 200/205XLT Cellular Phone Frequency Restoration
bcfreq.txt 86012 Frequencies List for British Columbia, Parts of Alberta, and Washington State
bcfreqlst.ham 86016 Frequency List for British Columbia and Washington State
bealeafb.txt 2674 Beale Air Force Base (Marysville, CA)
blimp.txt 2711 The Goodyear Blimp Frequencies
bostonems.ham 3214 Boston EMS Frequencies
bostonfm.txt 4041 Boston FM Radio Reception Report, by Weld Pond (August 8, 1992)
bpd.ham 1251 Boston Police Department Frequencies
bug.ham 2541 Frequencies used by Wireless Microphones, Transmitters, Bugging, etc.
bug.txt 2492 Frequencies Used by Wireless Microphones, Transmitters, Bugging Devices, Surveillance, Etc.
bugging.ham 5120 Bugging Frequencies
bugging.txt 11264 Scanner Frequency Listings (January 1992) by John Johnson of the Hotline MBBS
busch.ham 6884 Busch Gardens Theme Park in Tampa, Florida
busch.txt 6731 Busch Gardens Theme Park in Tampa, Florida Frequencies and Codes
cabellco.txt 13124 Scanner Radio listings of Cabell County, West Virginia
cal-fed.txt 6446 Federal Frequencies for California
caplst.ham 1024 CAP Frequencies
car-race.txt 8885 A List of Frequencies Compiled from Several Sources
car-racelst.ham 9088 Frequencies used by Famous Race Car Drivers
catvfreq.txt 16076 CATV Channel Frequencies in the USA (July 28, 1992)
catvstd.txt 5632 CATV Frequency Allocation Chart for the USA
cellfone.txt 180329 Cellular Phone Channel Construction
cellular.ham 5968 800-1300mhz Listening Guide
cellular.txt 5885 800-1300 MHz Listening Guide for Mobile, IN
chartswl.ham 4409 A Handy Shortwave Chart
chaswvls.txt 40192 Scanner Guide for the Charleston, WV Area
chicag.txt 2971 Chicago Area Frequencies
chicagfrq.ham 2982 Chicago Area Frequencies 08/21/90
chips.txt 7262 Scanning the CHIPS: The Latest Update on the California Highway Patrol System, by Rick Maslay (September 1990)
chp-1.txt 5818 California Highway Patrol
chp-1lst.ham 5888 California Highway Patrol
cia.txt 2197 Collection of Government Radio Frequencies
cincinat.ham 22970 Over 300mhz Frequency List: Concinnati
cincinat.txt 22824 Over 30MHz Frequency List: Cincinnati
cityfreq.ham 4597 Monitoring the Public Safety Communications of the City of Fairfax
cltscan.ham 4480 Scanner Frequencies for Local Charlotte Area
cltscan.txt 4403 Scanner Frequencies for Local Charlotte Area
cord.txt 5595 Cordless Phone Frequencies by John Johnson KWV8BP
cordfreq.txt 1863 A Collection of Cordless Phone Frequencies
cordinfo.txt 3998 On Cordless Phone Reception
cordless 1851 New Cordless Telephone Frequency Listings, from The Exchange RBBS (1986)
cordless.frq 1902 New Cordless Telephone Frequency Listings
cordless.ham 5711 Cordless Phone Frequencies by John Johnson
cordless.txt 2233 Frequencies for the New Cordless Phones
county.txt 10445 Master Frequency List of County Law Enforcement in South Carolina
countylst.ham 8590 Master Frequency List of County Law Enforcement in South Carolina
crdlss.ham 391 Frequencies used by Cordless Telephones
cruise.ham 3687 Frequencies for Ship monitoring
crw.txt 9848 Frequency List for the Kanawha County, WV Area
crwfrq.ham 9984 Frequency List for the Kanawha County, WV, area
ctpdplfrq.ham 6534 List of PL tones used for Police in Connecticut
customs3.ham 5777 US Customs/DEA/USCG HF Radio System Frequencies
customs3.txt 5732 US Customs/DEA/USCG HF Radio System Frequencies
darke.txt 1115 List of Frequencies for Darke, Colorado
deafreq.txt 698 A List of Frequencies for the DEA in the South Boston Area
dealist.ham 1536 Frequencies used by the U.S. Customs Services and the DEA
detpolicfrq.ham 11959 Michigan Frequencies
disney.txt 1576 Scanner Frequencies for Walt Disney World, Florida
disneyca.ham 2717 Disneyland (Anaheim) Radio Frequencies
disneyca.txt 2520 Disneyland (Anaheim, CA) Radio Frequencies
disneylst.ham 1664 Walt Disney World Frequencies
dmafbfre.ham 3425 Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Frequencies
dmafbfre.txt 3149 Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
dsmfrq.ham 704 Frequencies from the Des Moines Area
epafreq.ham 1517 Evironmental Protection Agency Frequency List
epafreq.txt 1232 Evironmental Protection Agency
epfreq.txt 9826 Scanner Radio Frequencies for the El Paso Area
epfreqprn.ham 10112 Scanner Radio Frequencies for the El Paso Area
facsfac.ham 815 Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility
fastfood.ham 1247 Fast Food frequencies
fastfood.txt 1242 Fast Food Frequencies
fbidoc.ham 2048 FBI Frequencies
fbima.ham 737 FBI Frequencies in Massachusets
fccalloc.ham 8400 The Frequency Spectrum as Allocated by the FCC by John Johnson, KWV8BP
fccalloc.txt 8097 The Frequency Spectrum, as Allocated by the FCC
federal.txt 19855 Federal Government Frequency List
federalfreq.txt 18946 The Federal Government Frequency List (June 15, 1992)
fedfile.ham 20480 Scanner Frequency Listings: Federal Frequencies, by John Johnson
fedfile.txt 20299 Scanner Frequency Listings: Federal Frequencies
fedfreny.ham 2168 Federal Scanner Frequencies for New York
fedfreny.txt 1676 Federal Listings for New York
fedzralham.ham 19620 Federal Government Frequency Lists, 1992
ffood.ham 12134 Dining Frequencies in illinois
ffood.txt 11982 Dining Frequencies by Illinois
firefreq.ham 5136 Fire Service Scanning Frequencies by John Johnson
firefreq.txt 4884 Fire Service Scanning Frequencies
fleetsat.ham 2960 USAF/USN SatcommChannels
fleetsat.txt 2613 USAF / USN Satcomm Channels v.3
freq.ham 11872 Scanner Frequency Listings by Topol
freq.txt 10831 Federal Frequencies
freq.va 96768 A Large List of Virginia Frequencies
freq0-30.ham 4736 Mobile Frequency Allocations
freq1.txt 4616 FREQUENCIES: Secret Service VHF Radios
freq2.txt 5552 A Numerical Listing of Every Known Secret Service Frequency
freqdea.ham 712 Drug Enforcement Agency Frequencies by the 716 Strike Force and Mad Phoneman
freqdea.txt 712 Drug Enforcement Agency Frequencies by the 716 Strike Force and Mad Phoneman
freqfind.ham 22247 How do you Find these Scanner Frequencies? By Bob Parnass
freqfind.txt 23252 How Do You Find These Scanner Frequencies? By Bob Parnass (December 13, 1989)
freqlst.ham 28886 CW Shore Station and WX List
freqs.hac 3712 Scanner/Radio Frequencies, by Astro Zombie
freqs.ham 90029 Scanner Frequencies Revised 03-16-91
freqs.txt 90010 Scanner Frequencies: 29.600 – 1292.020 MHz (Ohio)
freqshi.txt 177322 Frequencies in FREQSHI Database
freqshirpt.ham 177334 Frequencies in FREQSHI Database – 26 May 1990
freqsour.ham 5110 Scanner Frequency Guide Sources
freqsour.txt 4914 Scanner Freuqncy Guide Soirces
govsfreq.txt 3644 Scanner Frequencies of the Government
govt.txt 16324 Frequencies for Federal Agencies Along the East Coast
govt1.txt 64314 Frequency Database Report from the Night Owl EBBS
greene.txt 2471 A List of Frequencies in Greene, Colorado
greenefrq.ham 1806 Greene County Frequencies
gta.ham 3112 Nationwide Ground to Air Stations by The Prowler
gulf.ham 2688 Gulf Frequencies
gvtfrq.txt 12838 The Governmental Frequency List for FM/AM/VHF
hamband.ham 3472 Amateur Frequency Privilege Chart as of Jan 1, 1990
hambands 2351 FREQUENCIES: Bandwidths – SSB 2.5 kHz (2.4 kHz actual), AM 5 kHz, FM-Narrow 15 kHz
hamprivs 6169 FREQUENCIES: Ham Radio VHF and UHF Frequencies
hawaii.ham 3061 Monitoring the Federal Government Frequencies of Hawaii
hfantsdoc.ham 12256 High Frequencies by JD Delancy
hi-scan.ham 1536 Frequencies for the island of Oahu (Honolulu, Hawaii)
hurfreq.ham 3436 Frequencies of interest during hurricane season
indy500.ham 1253 Confirmed Frequencies from the Indy 500 Time Trials (May 9-10, 1992)
intcol4doc.ham 15360 The Allocation Guide for 0-1300mhz
interpol.txt 889 The radio frequencies of INTERPOL
janet1.txt 968 FREQUENCIES: Janet N Numbers
janet2.txt 930 FREQUENCIES: Janet Handoff Frequencies
jas.txt 26752 JAS-1 Operating Frequencies by JSiUKR
kansascy.ham 1784 Scanner Frequencies for Kansas City
ky-freq.ham 1920 Kentucky List of Frequencies
lbmilita.ham 11757 Low Band Military Aero Scanning
logan.ham 3059 Boston: logan Airport Frequencies
malls.ham 11435 Shopping Mall Frequency List for States A-T
manual.txt 8669 DOCUMENTATION: The Grove Frequency Database Version 2.0 (1992)
marine.ham 2930 Marine Frequencies
marine.txt 29673 Marine HF Frequency List
maritime.ham 4262 United States Coast Guard and Maritime Mobile in the VHF Band
mass_fiw.ham 8243 102nd Fighter Intercept Wing
mbta.ham 2116 MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority)
mcdonald.frq 40770 The Frequency List for McDonalds
miamifrq.ham 2479 Miami Frequencies
michiganfrq.ham 32462 Michigan Frequencies
mideast.ham 49169 Iraq/Kuwait War Broadcast Radio Frequencies
mikes.ham 12557 Wireless Theatre Microphones
mil-uhf.ham 10401 Military Frequencies and Ect.
milair.ham 1152 Military Airforce Frequencies
milbands.ham 2207 VHF/UHF Military Band Allocations
milfrq.txt 4881 FREQUENCIES: Military Frequencies
military.txt 13821 A List of Military Aviation Frequencies
militaryuhf.ham 11392 UHF Military Frequency List
miscfreq.ham 1091 Government Frequencies: Various
monitori.ham 7680 Favorites for Monitoring
montfrq.ham 6313 Colorado and Montana Frequencies
more-mi.ham 27550 Brighton, Michigan Frequencies
myrtle.ham 2132 Mytle Beach Frequencies
nasa.txt 1285 List of Frequencies Believed to be Used by NASA
nasalogo.ham 17920 NASA Shuttle Mission Logo Descriptions – Chronological Order by Launch
nascar.txt 5707 1990 NASCAR Winston Cup-Busch Grand National Radio Frequencies
nash-tn.ham 3456 Nashville Tennessee Area Scanner Frequencies
nationfr.ham 4369 National Frequencies
nefbi.ham 5376 List of FBI Frequencies in the New England Area
neohio.ham 65024 Northeast Ohio Radio Frequencies
nevadafrq.ham 39936 Scanner Frequencies for Las Vegas, Nevada
nhmamepd.ham 2688 Massachusetts Frequencies for State Police
noradfre.ham 634 North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) Frequencies
northill.ham 2433 Northeastern Illinois Frequencies
ntscfreq.txt 4972 North American Television Channels and Frequencies per NTSC Standards by Weld Pond
nucreg.ham 2409 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Frequencies
nymariti.ham 12973 New York Maritime VHF Frequencies
nypdsca.ham 3290 NYC Metro Area Public Service Frequencies
nyrail.ham 2048 NYC Metro Area Railroad and Transit Police
offuttaf.ham 1950 Military Frequencies at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska
ohiofed-.ham 1582 Confirmed Central Ohio Federal Frequencies
oregonsp.ham 6587 Oregon State Police High Band Repeater Frequencies
paging.ham 6313 Paging Frequencies, by John Johnson
phxairfrq.ham 2018 Phoenix Area Aviation Frequencies
pittfreq.ham 9344 City of Pittsburgh Channel Configuration
police3lst.ham 1408 Fast List of Atlanta Frequencies
police4lst.ham 2176 Atlanta Police Codes
presfreq.ham 1645 U.S. Secret Service President Security Frequencies
presfreq.txt 4324 Which White House Circuits have been Secured?
presidentfreq.txt 1628 US Secret Service President Security Frequencies
pugetsnd.ham 15990 Puget Sound Frequencies
racing.fre 6122 Scanning Car Race Frequencies by Topol
racing.ham 7694 Scanning Car Races
radio.frq 10440 Table of Authorized Emissions in the Amateur Service (May 22, 1983)
raildoc.ham 5120 Discrete Railroad Allocation Guide
rcmaseptpt1.ham 48896 RCMA Journal Issue 188 September 1991
rcmaseptpt3.ham 99328 RCMA Journal Frquency list
redcrosssc1.ham 3588 Red Cross Broadcasting Service
rochestr.ham 61333 Rochester, NY Active Frequencies
s-svc.txt 3457 Codes, Channels, and Frequencies of the Secret Service
samnad.txt 1688 Frequency Assignments for Wireless Systems Manufactured by Samson, Inc.
san-d-2.ham 6136 San Diego Police Regional Radio Code Frequencies
sardoc.ham 5715 Air Force Communications Command and Aerospace Rescue Service (Frequencies)
satelfre.ham 4389 Satellite Frequencies List
satelite.txt 3322 Satellite Frequencies, Edited and Compiled by Sir Francis Drake
satfreq2.txt 19043 Amateur Satellite Frequency Guide Including UO-9, AO-10, UO-11, FO-12, RS-10, RS-11 and P3C Rev 2.0 (June 26, 1987)
satfreqs.txt 1908 Amateur Satellites: Frequencies and Modes (September 12, 1996)
satlist.txt 19584 Amateur Satellite Frequency Guide by WA2LQQ for AMSAT North America (2.0, June 26, 1987)
scan-allvol.ham 9237 Scan All! A Frequency Guide by Adam Gott (August 1989)
scan.txt 18800 Collection of Police Frequencies
scan2.txt 23366 Collection of Police Frequencies
scan3.txt 9050 A Frequency guide by Adam Gott (August 1989)
scanfrq1.ham 2560 South Carolina Scanner Frequencies
scanner.ham 15306 The Allocation Guide for 0-1300mhz
scemslst.ham 11432 South Carolina Emergency Medical Frequencies
scfirelst.ham 15917 Emergency Medical Service and Rescue in South CaroliSouth Carolina Fire Departments
scnfrqdoc.ham 2068 Were Scanner Manufacturers Pressured to limit Frequency Coverage?
scngde.ham 9632 Scanner Searchers Guide, Version 5
search4.ham 9216 Hamnet Scanner Searchers Guide, by Steve Sampson
searchbd.ham 2924 Scanner Frequency Allocations Search Bands
secretfr.txt 22388 Secret Radio Frequencies from The Exchange
secserv.txt 4001 FREQUENCIES: US Secret Service Frequencies
secsvc.ham 3328 Secret Service VH/UHF Channels
security.txt 1454 Frequencies in Manhattan Village Security
sfbaytac.ham 1977 Bay Area Tactical and Investigator Frequency list
sflorida.ham 8635 Dade and Broward Counties Frequencies
shortwav.ham 11132 Selected English language Broadcasts by Gerry L. Dexter
shrtwave.ham 18048 Various Shortwave Services in the USATVS Band
shutfreq.ham 9530 Space Shuttle Frequencies
shuttle.ham 5710 Shuttle Mission Frequencies
skypnfrq.ham 2896 Skyphone Service Frequencies
space.txt 1658 FREQUENCIES: Spacecraft Frequencies
spacesat.ham 4671 Space Communication Frequency Allocations
sportfre.ham 2200 Sports Frequencies
ss1.txt 4235 FREQUENCIES: Secret Service Frequencies
sscodes.txt 6252 Secret Service Locations, Groups and Organizations as Codewords
statelst.ham 5072 Master Listing of State of South Carolina Agencies
statelst.txt 2925 Master Listing of State of South Carolina Agencies, by John Johnson
statepd.ham 700 Massachusetts State Police Frequencies
stlscn91.txt 4148 Police Call – St. Louis Style – 1991 Edition V 1.00
stpolice.ham 27790 State Police Frequencies and Codes
swlgprn.ham 22932 Shortwave Listening Guide 1991
swohiofrq.ham 15739 Tons of Ohio Frequencies sorted by County
tacfreqs.ham 2930 Tactical Air Command Frequencies
tampapd.ham 3548 Tampa Police Department Frequences, Radio Codes, and Signal Codes
telco2.txt 3737 IBM and TelCo Frequencies by Tom Filecco, KA2UCP
top100fr.ham 4656 The Top 100 Scanner Frequencies, by John Johnson, KWV8BP
toronto.ham 4608 Toronto and Area Frequencies of Interest
tricity.ham 8520 The Tri-City Frequency List
tv.ham 4768 Television Channel Frequencies
tvaud.ham 17744 TV and Cable Audio Frequencies
us-navylst.ham 23808 Frequencies for Monitoring US Navy Communications
usaf.ham 4416 A Listing of Important SWL Frequencies for USAF
uscgcomm.ham 35068 United States Coast Guard Communications
usgovt.ham 16512 Federal Agencies Frequencies List for NY, Washinton, Baltimore, NJ, CT
vasherif.ham 3640 Frequency Listings of Virginia Sheriffs
vegasfrq.ham 1362 Assorted/Interesting Las Vegas Frequencies by John Johnson
waltdis.ham 9287 Walt Disney and Orlando Florida Frequencies
welfargo.ham 3953 Wells Fargo Communications Frequencies
wvfreqs.ham 22159 Scanner Frequencies (Updated 04-01-90)