Texas Redoubt Patriots (and surrounding states),

The Texas ARES, RACES, MARS groups are conducting a communications exercise on October 9th and 10th , 2015. This will be a scenario-based exercise oriented toward a grid down environment, including all commercial services such as power, internet, and conventional communications. In a real-world grid down situation, ARES, RACES, and MARS will be a great source of real-time information about a developing disaster, affected areas, rescue/relief efforts, and public safety information. Your ability to monitor, receive, and intercept information in a timely manner could be extremely beneficial to your family, group, or community, especially if you were able to be informed minutes or hours ahead of your community.

The downloadable PDF will give you more information about the exercise, including frequencies to tune to:

Texas Communications Exercise (PDF)

This is a great training opportunity for everyone, for:

Let us know how you participated, what you learned, and how it went overall. A brief, one-paragraph After Action Report would be great. We’ll sanitize them, compile them, and turn it into a posting to share with others. We can all benefit!

Have fun training, and get your Comms Up!


-John Jacob Schmidt