Since the Intro to Prepper Comms workshop that I conducted at Marble’s God & Country Celebration 2015, many of you have asked for some type of visual aid to show what I was talking about during the presentation (it was audio only).

In the videos below, I go through pretty much everything I carry in my ‘Advanced’ Comms Go Bag, from the handheld transceivers, MTR (Mountain Topper HF QRP radio), scanner, batteries, solar panel, antennas, digital communications tablet, many of the other accessories and provided a links below.

More videos are on the way discussing each of the specific, individual components that I carry with me, as well as many of the peripheral gear, such as antennas, Anderson Connectors, etc.

Wouxun KG-UV8D Two Way Radio
Leatherman 831793 OHT One Hand Tool, Silver with Black Molle Sheath
Uniden Handheld TrunkTracker IV Digital Police Scanner (BCD396XT)
Roll Up JPole-2m/70cm w/sma female connector
Sony Digital Voice Recorder
Anderson Powerpole Connectors 20 pair
Dell Venue 8 Pro 3000 Series 32GB Windows Tablet
Fintie Blade X1 Dell Venue 8 Pro (Windows 8.1) Accessories Kit
Instapark® Mercury27 Portable & Foldable 27 Watts Solar Battery Charger (Or check E-Bay for other varieties).
ParaCord Spool Tool – Holds Up To 100′ of Parachute Cord