The following is not actually an official 'SITREP', but an update from [code name] Delta, in Conconully, WA, our 'adopted' tiny town in the mountains.  Read previous posts about the WA wildfires, Conconully, and AmRRON.

Hi john 
Here is the current situation. Power was restored, but the fire we were worried about is poised to really get busy today, a strong south west wind of 20-30 mph is supposed to begin around 10 or 11 o'clock, gusts as high as 55 mph are forecast by noaa. It is cooler with cloud cover and a chance of showers, that's something anyway. So as soon as the fire jumps the forest service road and is officially on mineral hill (the mountain behind my house) there will be mandatory evacuation of the town. This has been going on now for 3 weeks for us, I am grateful to Heavenly Father that I have the strength and resources to deal with this, many others are not doing so well.  I think this weekend is our Alamo, we stand here and fight - the town falls or stands on something as fickle as which way the wind blows today.
On the plus side the extra week was put to good use, the bus is loaded and ready for action, in the worse case we now have a good place to stay while I build a new house, I was a carpenter for many years and am up to the task. Thank you for thinking of us, say a little prayer for the firefighters today, with the wind forecast i worry those young men will try to be heroic and get hurt. 
Other than that we are ready to bug out this time, bus is ready to roll, gear is packed, insurance is paid out of escrow and sufficient to re-build. We have radios running now as well, we are able to follow the firefighter chatter, that gives us a lead on any info that affects our safety.
Thanks again john, will let you know if we have to bug out.

The Bugout Bus and 'Indiana' (the dog) are ready to go:
bus and indiana